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Where there is love there is life....

Love is such a complicated word if you look at it because as it has a binding factor in it, it does have the unbinding peace attached to it. That sentence above itself sounds complicated isn’t it?
Well, I have a story to tell today specially when its a ‘short story slam week’ at BlueBells.
Ruby was a loving personality, basically an independent, free-thinker and full of life. Anyone would love to be her friend, yes when I say anyone it means anyone irrespective of gender, age and even animals would love to be near this person. Love is contagious, isn’t it? That’s how exactly it was. Ruby’s warm and friendly nature attracted many and many would be her friends too. In such a time she met someone and this friendship turned into love. I am sure with Ruby’s friendly nature and caring lead this person to be in love because this person never received that from anyone, not even the so called close ones, that’s how he told to Ruby always. Ruby already being in a relationship didn’t even realize tha…

Yes, I am caged with boundaries to fly

I am caged and they say I am free
I bear it for loved ones sake I bear with the hope things will change I fear loved ones will suffer I fear not to trouble others They say am goddess yet no power They say am the root for giving life But, Truth is am caged In the name of love, in the name of emotions I am caged! They saw the way I took off flying high It made them to fall in love with thy Caught and caged me, only to see me sly I care, I worry and so I relay hoping for dawn Yes, I am caged with boundaries to fly I am caged yet they want me to smile!!
~ Dawn