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Lets Live And Let Other's Live - even your own life is given to you by someone else - be kind!!!

What is freedom to you? Many talk about freedom and freedom of speech and sometimes they go further to talk about the free country etc. I believe the basic right to breathe in a free environment is something we all bring in as our birthright.
No matter to whom we are born, our parents also let us to grow with certain freedom and they control to some extent only to be more careful and be protective towards their kids. Yet we as a grown up try to live a life that we desired for, whether its to eat, drink or even to travel. It’s all about the freedom of choices that we love to make and we are able to make. If someone is not making these decisions for them because of financial elements etc. then its still understandable because one needs to save money and then make those dreams fulfill and live their life.
But what would you call, when you think you are bringing your better half – whether it’s a guy or a girl doesn’t matter in today’s world. All it matters is if two people irrespective of t…

Let everything happen to you Beauty and terror Just keep going No feeling is final... ;)

The other day I had a chance to watch Mission Impossible in Tulare, California. When you are out of town, mostly you think watching movie is supposed to be a task that you should do in your city.But, I think if you have time and you are a movie lover then place doesn’t matter.
I had a chance to watch “Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation” at Galaxy Theater. Something that I had experienced in India and was surprised to see the seats with all the automatic settings for all your comfort along with the tray to keep your popcorns and eatables. I remember long time I had written an experience in India and literally felt that this is how one should enjoy movie.
I had my pleasure of the same and that too watching Tom Cruise – one of my favorites once upon a time.Yes, when I say that his movies have always made me to like him. This time, I was wondering how Tom Cruise would be as he crossed 50 and to tell you the truth he looks younger or rather I would say he doesn’t look older. The movie started…