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In love... to start the journey

Middle of the storm; me and my extension Believing in self; holding on to the cord Fight against all odds; all norms of society The decision to unchain; looking for open doors Very Sure; I am alone sailing on a boat Wrecked and weak yet the courage deep in heart No distractions No temptations Finding you; an anchor on the shore Scared and Cautious;   But your belief in me made me believe  In love... to start the journey To make everyone believe life  Is to live and live with happiness Challenges may come; strangle you But love will lift you and fight it all the way
~ Dawn

Yes, I am caged with boundaries to fly

I am caged and they say I am free
I bear it for loved ones sake I bear with the hope things will change I fear loved ones will suffer I fear not to trouble others They say am goddess yet no power They say am the root for giving life But, Truth is am caged In the name of love, in the name of emotions I am caged! They saw the way I took off flying high It made them to fall in love with thy Caught and caged me, only to see me sly I care, I worry and so I relay hoping for dawn Yes, I am caged with boundaries to fly I am caged yet they want me to smile!!
~ Dawn

Fear and Power Hand in Hand!

There are so many things happening around and so quickly one after the other heart wants to speak out but before I do that something else happens and the list goes on.

Where to start and where not to... is the question...

The other day I met a friend and the discussion was around being alone and how saving is important. The worry was how to save now on and where all. True we all have basic sense of saving for rainy season but why take stress? As the discussion was going on I also felt yes, I need to save too but then I said why stress out and save for the future where we don't know what's in future? Well, we all have family and parents and if we save am sure many will agree with me that our loved ones will get to enjoy even if we are not there.

I settled with the thought that I am not going to worry this year. I have done that and now I dont want to move in that direction.

Lot of things am reading in the news ...and it just aggravates self as you see injustice happening…