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A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever

A short story slam at Bluebell Books - 40th Week...

Growing up as a kid was always fun and the best part is that I am still growing up... !
Being raised as a human and less of a girl actually helped me to liberate and understand people better. It also gave me an opportunity to do things which often they said girls cant do.

It was one of those things where when lot of my friends were picking the sports such as volley ball and dodge ball, I picked up the hockey stick.

"Don't let the skirts fool you
we are more than just chicks with sticks
Hustle and hit and never quit"

Yes, I love field hockey till date and I enjoyed playing, learning and dribbling the ball on the field. It was a pride when my sport teacher Mrs Bose used to tell me that she has come to see the shot and after that she will go home... it always inspired me to do better always.

One of her favorite student was me and she always called me P.T. Usha (Indian gold medalist Ex-Olympic player in running). I used to be the r…

Free from this world!!!

Why certain things happen? And why we think we control everything? When nothing is in our control in reality.. It looks like everything is in control… Yet nothing is in control Nothing is in anyone’s hand to make or change Yet everything is blamed and pointed out Why? Why? Why, it cannot be taken as  Things happen which is not in control And when you want to free why things block? Why not let it go and move on? Why so many reasons to stay or not to stay Why so many whys just for a peace? Is peace so difficult?  I thought everything is possible  If you take that one step and… Start the journey from the beginning… Yes, start from scratch…. Rewrite again from the beginning… I may get my answers or may not… I may get to be where I desire to be Free from this world!!!

~ Dawn

They say when it's number nine, everything is gonna be fine ;) Happy Birthday Son

Years will come and go  And every year it will be A new and adventurous one Every year new learnings  Every year new exposures Some will be fun and frolic Some will be real and scary That’s the way life is all about Rahi, with your kind of heart and soul Life can be tough for you  But if you are confident and believe in yourself Nothing’s gonna change for you and your decisions…
Be who you are and be confident When I hear the stories of bully I find it so silly yet try to teach you  How to speak up and communicate As long as you are open and kind Life will be smiling at you  Your love for music and your singing Can melt anyone’s heart Hence, make sure you use the right things For your communication and expressions Life can be tough for you  But if you are confident and believe in yourself Nothing’s gonna change for you and your decisions… They say when it's number nine Everything is gonna be fine ;)
~ Dawn