Free from this world!!!

Why certain things happen?
And why we think we control everything?
When nothing is in our control in reality..
It looks like everything is in control…
Yet nothing is in control
Nothing is in anyone’s hand to make or change
Yet everything is blamed and pointed out
Why? Why? Why, it cannot be taken as 
Things happen which is not in control
And when you want to free why things block?
Why not let it go and move on?
Why so many reasons to stay or not to stay
Why so many whys just for a peace?
Is peace so difficult? 
I thought everything is possible 
If you take that one step and…
Start the journey from the beginning…
Yes, start from scratch….
Rewrite again from the beginning…
I may get my answers or may not…
I may get to be where I desire to be
Free from this world!!!


~ Dawn


Jeevan said…
Possible or not, it’s all in the effort we put! Certain things are out of control, but they aren’t the only things
deep, creative thoughts.
Anonymous said…
I like your words, they rain like waterfall.
Anonymous said…
very nice,
Fiza Dawn said…
Thank you All for taking time to read and express your views here...

I am obliged


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