Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Coordination of moods is the essence of rapport...!!!

It was raining outside. The rain drops falling from the roof sliding through the ivy leaves were falling on the window pain. The music that it created a homely feel even though there was no one in that huge house Chitra’s dream house, except Chitra.
Her face was in shock because she still couldn't believe that her husband is no longer in this world yet when he left he died in the arms of the woman whom he loved and that was not Chitra.

Chitra wondered where it started and she couldn't see anything far that she could go back to think. They got married very happily but always they fought. Chitra portrayed it that its love and hence the fight. Though Chitra's husband Pavan always told her something is not right because you are never happy with me, no matter what I do.

Pavan was a self-respecting man and he earned every penny through hardship. He never cared about what type of job it is, as long as he was doing things legally correct he made sure to do the hard work and very soon he established himself in the society as a well respected gentleman. Chitra was working in the software company and she always looked down upon Pavan since his job was no where related to software industry.

Chitra always analyzed and criticized Pavan and this always saddened him. He used to try every possible things to get awarded for his best work with hope that Chitra will appreciate but alas! It was always about being a critic and demotivating gestures. Pavan slowly moved his focus to his work. He did all the duties of a family man except that he convinced himself that he should not look for any love in the house.
Pavan's work was going very well when as a partner he got introduced to couple of new people. Pavan's meeting new people and starting on exciting projects kept him busy and least bothered about Chitra's attitude.
Chitra also was living in her own world of cleaning, decorating the house and whenever she felt she needs a bigger house she would ask Pavan for more money to buy a bigger house. Her plans are always for the future and it will be always for a bigger house, no matter how big she gets this time the preparations are for the next biggest one.
Life went on until many years ago when Chitra got a call from the hospital, asking to come to the hospital to recognize the body. First Chitra thought it must be a wrong number or a wrong home they dialed in. But frequent calls and explanations made Chitra to drive to the near by hospital.
When she reached there she saw there were lot of Pavan's friends and staff who were sad and looking at Chitra in a way to console.

It was Pavan, who took his last breath in the arms of the woman whom he loved the most and that was not Chitra.
When Chitra heard of this and saw the woman standing near Pavan’s body crying, first thing she inquired was so did you get everything signed in your name? I will see to it how you will get this. I will see you in the court. She looked at Pavan and then the woman and then started yelling at his body, ‘look what you did and what you have to go through. I hope you are happy now.’

Whatever was Chitra’s reaction, the lady just walked out of the room giving the space to Chitra with Pavan’s body. As she was doing this the lady remembered Pavan’s voice, ‘She never cared for me. She never even once called me and checked if I had my lunch though I always call her and ask even then she has no courtesy to ask back to me.’

Chitra got all the bank balance of Pavan, the property and whatever assets he made through his hardship all went to Chitra but the precious of all which is love went to the lady whom Pavan loved the most. He always said to her, ‘ I will die without you’ I wish to die before you because I cannot live without you.’

The lady went to Chitra's house after couple of months and made Chitra realize as what she has lost is something more precious than what she has in the bank accounts and in the assets. Chitra's ego was so strong that she thanked the lady and gave her tea. Chitra with an attitude told to the lady, we never got along and we were happy the way we were.
The lady asked didn't you ever felt that you are not leading a normal life of a happy family? Didn't you ever felt when Pavan wanted to hug you it was his love and you ignored his love by removing his hand from hugging? 
Chitra was surprised at this and she wondered what all this lady know about them. The lady walked out of Chitra's house saying I have come here to invite you for a Book Reading Event. Since you like to read I thought this would be a good reason to get out of the house.

The invitation was for the weekend when Chitra decided to show up as her ego always boosted her to go and challenge people. She thought she will challenge the lady. Everyone was there in fact a huge crowd from Pavan's friend circle came - The book was written on Pavan's life story and the author was the lady herself ~ Dawn Smith.

At the end, everyone had tears in their eyes. Chitra was the one who understood the depth of it as she realized she has actually lost everything that she had in the past and whatever she has now has no worth. Dawn was the richest to get Pavan's love and valuable time that they both spent together.

Sometimes its too late to figure out what is the priceless thing that we have in our life. 
Don't kill yourself by drowning in the pool of ego. Life is all about giving and that too giving selfless love.

~ Dawn  

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