Saturday, March 07, 2015

A person travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.... ;)

Life has taught me many lessons and mind it a brilliant one not to forget anytime.
People may consider this as living in past or remembering the past but I believe we all go back to our text books once in a while whether to relate things at work or at least while teaching your kids so why not the life's experience as well?

My simple theory of happiness is to live and let others live. I do not have to worry what others are doing as long as they are not causing any damage to the society or any other human being. My expectations from life are also less - I wont say I don't have expectations because if I am in this world I do have some basic expectations such as on the road people will follow the traffic rules and such similar basic elements. 

Recently, I came very close to life again and it did took me back to my childhood. This year I happened to be in India again and it was 50th wedding anniversary for my parents. When I think of the number itself I feel thats a big one... imagine how we all count after 10 years and say we need to keep the spirit high and keep the fire burning...but 50 damn years? wow! something to salute the couple.
My brother who is my friend, advisor, and guide too. Many times even my brother doesn't know what he is saying or sharing with me that I can take it as a lesson and imply in my life to improve or streamline it. It was his views that when you meet a stranger you should be able to talk on any topics as the stranger may not be interested in what you are interested and hence I used to read lot of competition success and books which will give me an overall broader view of the world and its topics.
This time it was a surprise meet-up in India where we both met on my parents 50th wedding anniversary and we enjoyed our time just like old days when we were only 4 in the family and mom-dad busy with day to day activities and me and brother busy talking and discussing about anything and everything under the sky. It was exactly that moment that I spent, everyone was happy whether it was my parents, whether it was me and my brother or even if it was our neighbors there.
Until that dawn of Valentine's day when I woke up with the news of accident. 

The thought of it shivers my mind but that time it was always the thought against of what is said. I think I am the black sheep in the family who always went against the norms and tried to believe what I believe and not get influenced by anything. When I got up and went to see in the hospital my heart was saying - nothing would happen because nothing should happen. 
Though lot of thoughts cropped in as what if dad was driving fast and took the wrong turn or for that matter what if the opposite person was rash and what not. When I reached the hospital, seeing my brother lying on the stretcher with one eye tied with bandage which was fully soaked in blood gave me shivers as I thought he lost his eyes... I hugged him with tears in eyes when he called out my name and asked what am I doing here?

First I was happy or should I say I was happy at least he remembers me. The moment I looked around I saw dad lying in another stretcher and I called out for dad when my brother again said - why dad is here? How come I am here? Who brought me here?

Dad was only complaining about the back pain and before I could figure out what to say, the hospital facilities requested to take to another hospital where they have neurosurgeons. 

I don't want to go in details but life took me back to my childhood days and gave me that beautiful flavor of my time that I always craved for and then a sudden jerk or wakeup call by giving this incident for all of us to remember and cherish our loved ones. Luckily I can say I have my dad and brother with me and my mom.

I always feel we are all travelers here and part and parcel of it we meet people and make relationships but at the end we leave the story one by one - as long as you are part of the story try to enjoy it because once you or someone else leaves the story you will never see them or meet them except the memories.

Life is to live and enjoy every moment!

~ Dawn

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