Thursday, March 12, 2015

Happy Birthday To A Brave Girl That I Know - SAKSHI

Like a pearl I see her
Who is sensitive and cute
Yet tough with the waves
Every hurdle that comes
She smiles and walks in 
A breeze of strength to all
A sweet voice of comfort
That she gives to all 
Today is her birthday
A moment to cherish
And thank Sakshi
Because when I see
A powerful woman 
In front of me
With a smiling face
Dreams in her eyes
Taking the norms light
School is just another chapter of life
Ready to flip out her wings
Far and far she has to reach
One step at a time 
As she collects the love of life
Brings many friends on her sides
Showing the fun way of life
WIth her gentle voice she has
She just knows how to carry them all
I feel blessed to witness this pearl
Who is blessed to my friends 
Like a necklace of their life
My wish to this beautiful pearl
Is to be the best in the sea
Sail through the waves
As I know you will make those waves
Where we all will be proud
To say "I know this girl"
Happy birthday dear Sakshi

With love and hugs

~ Dawn

1 comment:

Varsha said...

What beautiful words <3 Only you can create magic like this :-)

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