Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy sixteen, till now I don't know what it mean...!!!

This was the day when 
The stream of strength
Followed with me to walk
When I was thinking "am alone"!
A journey which I chose
A journey she walked without knowing
The trust brought us together
To fall and rise like a true dawn!
Feeling of togetherness
A time well spent on relation
Which made us best friends
Only to grow together once again!
I know the time will come
To say goodbye in life
But am sure she will carry the relay
Being a living extension of mine!
A girl who is always there for me
A girl who comes and shares everything
Crazy, silly, witty and funny
Sometimes like my mommy
I enjoy even today the childhood
As you treat me like a baby
Happy sixteen, till now I don't know what it mean
As numbers never meant anything to me
Live the moment and explore life
As by now you know it all
Good or bad it all makes sense
When only you think it is right ;)

~ Dawn


Jeevan said...

I have heard only sweet sixteen :)

Hope it is a beautiful journey for you both... :)

Fiza Dawn said...

Thanks Jeevan


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