Monday, February 01, 2016

“The internet is where some people go to show their true intelligence; others, their hidden stupidity.” ~ Criss Jami, Healology

What is Anonymous and Why?

The word itself says something like no name or not want to identify themselves. For me when someone comes with that introduction it means two things:
  1. They are shit scared of what they are doing
  2. They are hence shit scared to identify themselves.
I want to say that’s another fake way of living. Stop it! People all their life live a fake life and this really speaks about such people as shady. They use all kinds of vocabulary in the world to spread hatred and animosity but then they know they are doing wrong. A person who does wrong things are like thieves, I have seen in movies how bank robbers wear a mask to hide their face so that no one should be able to identify them.
But there are some who under the anonymity give some good thoughts and suggestions that can be constructive criticism and I appreciate that.

Also when they put a message or their act together with this so called “Anonymous” name, there is no validity also because they become the sister of their own husband at times and become the mother of their husbands too… because they think by remaining as ‘Anonymous’ they will not be identified.. Alas! Amazing vocabulary and amazing disguise as sister … I hope they are not talking about their real brother… then it will be really sad!!!

Thanks for applications that track their IP addresses and their locations and name details along with the time… so there is nothing as ‘Anonymous’ everything is known and identified.

I feel sorry for the person because they don’t even know that they are still living a fake life in fake world of their own. One should accept the truth that they are at fault for all the causes...! Home is made out of love and not bricks!!!

I am sure the Anonymous will read this and will send the anonymous reply too…

Happy Reading..! Some psychological analysis has been made and if needed you can read this as well.. 


~ Dawn

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