Saturday, February 13, 2016

Love art in yourself, and not yourself in art.....

Theater is such a dreadful disease. Its dangerous than even cancer. Cancer at least lets you leave the body but theater doesn’t even allow that as it goes with the soul too.
Being a native of Pune, arts, music and theater are kind of part of your breathing. I have memories of watching plays on television with my dad. Those days I didn’t know what it is that me and dad used to watch a lot of plays, movies and musical events on TV but now as I reflect back its the interest that made both of us to sit and watch things that we both enjoyed.
Dad a vivid reader and close to arts, music and play, did gave me the exposure to these and it has always given me the feel of being in my space.
As a kid I have watched Marathi playwright Kusumagraj’s iconic Marathi play "Natsamrat" which was first staged in 1970. Dr. Shriram Lagu has acted in the Marathi play in the role of Natsamrat for a very long time and I think it was one of those moment when as a kid I saw this on doordarshan black & white tv. For me ‘Natsamrat’ was always Dr Shriram Lagu and why not because as a kid I saw him in it and have loved and thought for myself there wouldn’t be one other than him.

I think as time changes actors also change but what I loved the most is that this time its Nana Patekar – one of my favorite actor and he has done justice to that role which I have always remembered as Dr Shriram Lagu. 
The story freshened up the memories of Pune, a city with culture reminded me of my association being a maharashtrian, in culture, in dressing, cooking and living by all cultural associations and celebrations.
Theater and its association taking a common man to a level where no one can touch, no one can even give comments as for discussion – its a total different aura altogether. I always believed to be in that world as that gives a different solace and peace of mind.

The actor says he lives all great people’s life as he plays different characters written by the great writers and I believe very few get to do so as rest we all live our own life and yet we see and learn so less. 
Nana shows what is life, the materialistic world, the expectations that brings heartaches and what happens if you really detach from all of this. A man who earns the name, fame and money and trusts blindly his children and gives away everything to them and it is really what I always say that ‘ you are always alone’ !
Yes, Nana says no mater what you are alone whether you have kids or you don’t. 
Theater I find is like that journey touring the world where you learn a lot about life, experience and about people and much more…

A good marathi movie after a long time and it was my favorite actors such as Nana Patekar and Vikram Gokhale – feels proud that I met both of them in Pune.
Jai Maharashtra ;)

~ Dawn 


Maggie Patti Barbara Frankford-Walton said...

glad that a movie does inspire.

Jeevan said...

Art that keep us going! I see people come from theater or continue to do theater work remain as an artist and do any role that has given to them unlike the cine artist who does only certain roles that show them super hero, comedian… Glad u learnt to enjoy art from childhood :)

Fiza Dawn said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation - my due respect and love for the art lovers you both


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