Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Let your memory be your travel bag...!

For the first time in my life I became a chaperone for my son's school field trip. I have two kids and believe me work has always kept me busy and I used to feel guilty if I ask for a day off to go for a field trip.
This year I have decided to give time to my kids and making sure that I be part of their activities, thanks to work-life balance concept :)
My son was so excited that he had been looking forward for this day since his birthday which was last month.
The fact is that I took a day off from work for this but I was mentally still preparing myself because I have never done this and I was kind of nervous what to expect?
I am sure many would say there is nothing much to do as you will be looking after your kid so two more gets added to you. However, that's easier said than done.

In my eyes all kids are good and well-behaving but I am not sure what I will have to do and not to do because there are rules everywhere.
Hence, my trip was more or less like a student in the bus. We woke up early got ready with our lunchables and reached school on time. I signed up and took the charge as a Chaperone!
Our group's name was Purple and we were three parents in this group with 5 kids and each chaperone was one of the kid's parent so we had really two kids whom we had to keep an eye to make sure we are as a team visiting each place and not getting misplaced.
It was easy to mingle with the kids because I knew each one of them as they have been part of my son's birthday celebration. All kids are well-mannered and well-behaving and I give the credit to the class teacher Mrs Brown.

"The soul is healed by being with children" ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Every kid and every parent is happy with this class teacher and believe me when your class teacher is good and caring then every child is a happy and following rules is just a piece of cake.
This trip was to Sacramento, which is the capital of California. We have friends here hence this was not a new place for me. However, we have never been to these places where I visited today and in fact, I fell in love with Sacramento in this trip.

This was not because of the beautiful place but the history that it carries and made me feel proud to live in this part of the California State.
We visited the Railroad museum, which had long history of coal engine train to today's fastest train and why not? Because during gold rush times Sacramento was the major distribution point, a commercial and agricultural center and a terminus for wagon trains. One can see all the experienced senior members who were giving briefing to the kids about the history and the functions of coal engine trains.

We also visited the John Sutter's fort. The first swiss immigrant who came and built his fort as a pioneer and then to the gold fever. After that we all were eager to visit the Capitol building. The tour guide Richard was very nice and patient to explain us the entire story from 1800s and the true democracy that we exhibit here in the Capitol building when the parliament sessions are taking place and anyone can enter during that session and give their vote based on their opinion on it whether they belong to this country or not. That's called true democracy - for the people and by the people. I felt proud to be a Californian specially after the elections.

It was a good insight for me along with building a soft corner for Sacramento as a place to live and work. It also gave opportunity for me to be with kids and be myself and meet with few parents.

A day that was full of activity, fun and tiresome... happy to go to bed after a warm shower and a good dinner!!!

" There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story" ~ Frank Herbert

~ Dawn

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