Sunday, July 27, 2014

How can 'What Happens in Vegas Stay in Vegas'?

Experiencing life in a totally different way at Sin-City. There might be lot of things happening from ages yet as long as you are not aware of it everything is fine. Everything becomes a first time and you wonder what's it for? Some say don't analyze just enjoy and leave it and probably forget it :).
How one gives money to others to touch you, allow to seduce yourself... It's called pleasures of life.. Lol. What is life? The place with full of magic and lights has fun in dark places.

Some says just live what you love and leave the rest. Some says lets live and let others live. Some says just help others and rest will follow you .... all this is tuned and customized as per one's wish and one's suitability. What makes one comfort .. is LIFE :-)

This time again we visited Grand Canyon, and my perspective of geology keeps expanding as I visit there and I remember my professors Dr Sarkar and Dr Pardeshi - who have taught me about the condensation and accumulation of mineral and waters and formation of layers in the rocks. It also helped me sharing my knowledge with my mom in law too. She is a good student as much as she is a good teacher.

Moved from the Sin-City carrying lot of things in mind that happened. Landing in Atlanta via flight was like a sleep through. Reaching Atlanta and waiting for the car rentals actually gave lot of insight in people around the airport. The ladies at the counter one by one started praising and for a moment I felt what is all this? Beauty is deep in the skin and not just what you see. Some loved my nose ring and some loved my features and some loved my dusky color - my heart said this is all perishable, with time all is going to fade away. But I liked what the lady said, about my smile. Yet, I analyzed the smile wont be the same if all the teeth fall off ... lol! A way to not let all these go into my head. 

Driving via Atlanta towards North Carolina was an interesting journey. The memories of past kept haunting and new fantasies started taking birth...! A mind that is free and traveling across the east coast has nothing to worry or bother about. It's true, one thinks straight when there is nothing to worry about - Yes, fantasies are to be fulfilled and its always good to have a fantasy. All my life when people asked me about my fantasy I had one answer and that was I don't have any.

Meeting friends as we promised at North Carolina was indeed refreshing and felt like home, until next morning when we decided to part with love.

Now, I do have a fantasy and a wild one indeed.... ;-) .... and the saga continues as my journey continues to east coast.

"There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign"

~ Dawn


Jeevan said...

I think there’s nothing wrong to take pleasure while it breeze out! Because nothing is permanent exists.
Loved the quote at last! Hope you had fun traveling across US :)

Fiza Dawn said...

Thanks Jeevan for reading it and sharing your thoughts :) I am still on my journey... It continues ;)

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