Sunday, August 07, 2016

Who was an ugly duckling with a crown

There was a time, when I was not so fine
Friends whom I thought were mine,
Never appreciated or liked me that time
Some called me a skinny or a stick 
Even the leafy vegetable for my thick hair
Some made fun by blowing me off like a feather
And with a husky voice being dusky in color
Few defined my future calling a housewife
Cooking sambar and rice
One called me coolie said, why not am angry?
All this was said I never knew the word 'racism' then!
I feel so good that I was only aware of what I want 
Not what others said to me or wanted me to be
I always thought am alone that did a lot good
Walked in my dream and caught few of them 
Some landed me in paradise and some in dice 
Never expected anything from anyone 
Never cared for so called society
Lived an independent life
Figured out a way to lead in time
Got engrossed in the chores of life
And didn't realize when lined up
All the good things in life called family
As the time was running ahead of me
Motherhood made me pink and bright
Those who called me dusky and husky
Started greeting as dusky beauty
Hair or color nothing was a matter
One simple confidence of mine 
Made everyone eager and me shine for better
Such was a discovery made of a swan
Who was an ugly duckling with a crown
One message to everyone
Good or bad be your own
There's no one who actually cares
Until they have a reason!!!

~ Dawn

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