Sunday, June 19, 2016

I felt it was a walk back to my childhood days...!!!

Growing up in NDA, was so much fun. I was raised more close to mother nature and we as kids always tried to connect with nature whether its through plucking berries from the wilderness or the curiosity to see different birds - hike was never like what we see in North America.

Hiking was part of a daily routine. Whether we are going from school just with friends or being the part of scouts and guides - climbing mountains, playing in the water, plucking wild berries and eat them with an excitement as if we earned it.

I have often felt that I wish my kids were raised in NDA so that they could have also enjoyed what I got to enjoy as a kid. But then I realize they got to be born at that time because now even in India it has become like an event.

Summer has started and kids are off from school but then parents don't get such summer time-off unless you are planning for vacation.
Weekends are the best time to spend time with kids and that too if you can't drag them out they will sit on their electronic devices.
I feel very fortunate and lucky to be a resident of Niles, where I get to be with nature and its not too far from home. 

A drive to the park in Sunol and my son who was trying his best to make excuse as where are we going and why we are going to a canyon. By the time we reached and started our hike, he says I am reading the signs and it says beware of snakes and mountain lions so we shouldn't go this side.
It was a fun walk because me and my daughter had lot of fun teasing him by making the hiss sound of snakes and he used to ask for little breaks to breath as he is tired.

This park has a canyon and if you are ready to hike and climb some big rocks then nothing better than reaching to the paradise where you have the cold water soothing your feet and the music of the water fall, its a mesmerizing feel.
I was never treated or raised with gender discrimination and thats what I do with my kids too. Boy or girl all should be equally treated and hence without any saying we headed to climb the rocks. Being the parent I had to be responsible for both of them and hence I was making sure I was behind my son yet allowing him to make his own decision as how to climb the rocks. Many times I felt once you teach them they will learn and thats what happened.
My son initially was scared that he may slip in the gravel but as the positions I was showing where to place his foot and get a grip start putting the next foot forward and keep going. The best part was when he saw water, I didn't have to teach him anything. He was getting pulled and the next thing I see him is getting in the water.

Relaxing after the climb was a blessing. Kids played and my son made friends with a baby and a boy called Joseph who was of his age. After couple of hours we thought its time to go back and guess what our guy who was tired and was worried about snakes and was not much excited about the canyons was upset that we are going back. He wanted to stay back little more and I agreed to it.

After all that fun while we were returning back it was a slope and at times one peak climbing moment and it was a worth hike where my son gave a review saying, we should come more often here and next time I want to bring my swim shorts. The best part he felt that we talked and shared lot of stories and spent quality time together.

The review was a worth of testimony. These days I am teaching kids to be in and with nature and listen to music it will sound much soothing and blessing.

Try to go out and take your kids too because if you let them sit in the house then they are going to be stuck with their electronic devices. A look outside the window, a walk outside of your house is a must. I felt it was a walk back to my childhood days.

Let's find some beautiful place to get lost ;)

~ Dawn

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