Thursday, June 09, 2016

Papon - the musician and the human that I know !

Music is soothing and spiritual when the musician is putting his/her talent and art in it rather than being forced for few extra pennies or for fame. 
Being a music lover, I have always loved world music and the musicians who don’t compromise their art for money, fame or any other reasons. Luckily, I have had opportunities to listen to some of great musicians from around the world and some of them were such that they struggle to bring food and peace in their country.
One can imagine how heart rendering it can be when you hear they say, "when I get hungry I sing”.
I have seen one of the artist so closely who sings, writes, composes and plays instruments too.
Papon being one of those artist, I have always loved his music and I think after 4 years of listening and following him on Twitter, I finally met him in San Francisco in 2014 when he came for Assamese Bihu festival time and it was a dream come true.
After meeting him I am not only in love with his voice and music but more I love him as a human. He is very much down to earth and simple person who wants to do a lot for the needy.
This year when I heard he is coming again I was very excited and was again going through those moments when I met him for the first time. That moment only the artist and his fan which is me can only relate what it was, something that I will cherish whole my life.

This time when I saw he is coming with big artists such as Farhan Akhtar, I kept my ambitions low as to meet him in person because I had a visual of how promoters will try to bank on meet and greet. Hence, I convinced myself that this time I won’t meet Papon - my favorite singer and friend.
People took expensive tickets to meet him and I thought being a friend why should I pay and meet him and that too which he won’t get a share of it anyway.
I bought a reasonable ticket to see the concert and enjoyed every bit of Papon’s music being in that audience. The best part was that by the time I entered my seat I had heard from near and dear ones that Papon inquired about me - and believe me that was a blessing in disguise.

I convinced myself that I should be happy and glad that Papon remembered me and asked about me. It was more fun when he asked to meet for dinner as he has an early flight next day and hence he invited. It was such a nice gesture from Papon that all the friends that we were from his first visit in 2014, were gathered to celebrate the togetherness and love and we enjoyed the dinner, the talk and fun times….a moment which is not well described here in words yet what echoes in my ears is Papon’s words - Eat pasta from my plate, when you share from same plate its love that grows :)
There were many topics that was discussed and many were kept for later time which gave the hope for our next meet in the coming times...!

Best moment with my favorite singer and friend Papon…!

~ Dawn

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