Friday, August 01, 2014

Life isn't meant to be lived in one place ;)

Drive from New York to Buffalo was with a mixed leaving New York and then Buffalo where I used to drive from Toronto quiet often to meet friends - it was good and bad kind of!!!
As we reached Buffalo, it was kind of flashback and nostalgic moment. It literally felt the other side of the bridge is to walk towards home - Toronto.

I think by the time I reached here New York was no where in mind. I was more or less going through each and every minute of my days in Canada and the Niagara Falls.
People might think what it is about Niagara falls but one who has seen the falls in deep silence has spoken many words which are speechless and soundless. It's mere an understanding and spirituality that exists with nature. It was a blissful moment for me. It always gave me strength. In my lonely days, I used to drive to Niagara every weekend and just come and stand in front of the fall and I forget also who's in my surroundings. It was getting one with nature - a mutual zeal to talk to each other and share the thoughts and get strength to look forward for the next.

Through out the Niagara falls visit, it was one thought in mind that this is not the right view of Niagara falls... to watch it one must cross the border and view the real nature's beauty. Something where there is life and spirituality. On the Buffalo side, you only see acts of tourism and the nature aspect of it is NIL.

Buffalo city - I was there for two nights and this gave an opportunity to visit the Mummies Museum - a totally different outlook of the life from past. Sometimes it really made me think, what must have made those people think and create these mummies after death? Whatever belief they had with which they did this, but in today's world it does allow our scientists to determine about life and disease if they had any in those days.

Night was a bit scary as everything was shut down even before it was dark. It cannot be called as a city, specially where the roads are dead creepy. Living in the hotel was kind of bringing memories from past. Even though I was there in the present, mind was continuously running into things in the past. A moment came in mind where I just felt to go to the place where I came alone and built my home - i.e., Toronto.

Finally that day also came when I said adios to Buffalo and the drive was towards Ohio Cleveland to meet the family and thus the journey still continues...!!! 

"My restless, roaming spirit would not allow me to remain at home very long"

~ Dawn


Jeevan said...

This post Inspires to experience the blissful wonder of Niagara! Revisiting places always emphasis more the past than present... just like they say; the first impression is the best impression, we can’t avoid putting reverse gear in memories. I think if not mummies, we couldn't know there’s a practice like this of preserving bodies after death.

Fiza Dawn said...

So rightly said.
Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts dear


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