Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Not all those who wander are lost ;)

Ohio Cleveland here we come ... ;)
Kids were very happy to meet their to be six month old second cousin. It was a bit relaxing moment. Once the meet and greet was done the journey took the ride towards Kentucky. 
Many people do not make this as their part of visit to Lincoln's birthplace and boyhood place - thats what we realized when we landed the place.
It was an amazing feeling as we drove down the lanes where you see lush green corn fields and soya bean crops and the only road in the center which takes you from Lincoln's school to his boyhood place to his birthplace and memorial place. It was a place where for a moment your heart wants to reside and live there.
Reading the history and knowing Lincoln more closely was kind of literally living Lincoln's life. What I felt proud about that anyone in this country become a president irrespective of his class, status as long as he is a deserving candidate.

The hardship he went through something that I am sure the new generation will get bored to hear but as one thinks its a reality that nothing comes free in life.
It was a different feeling altogether to imagine that you are driving through a place where once Lincoln used to walk around and go to school etc.
The thoughts along the roads took us to Atlanta and we spent couple of days with our friends. It was kind of relaxing after hoteling at different places, home was a good change and with known people around and with the hustle bustle of kids.

Visiting MLK's birth place was quiet inspiring. Many times we read books and know about all the national heroes but when you actually visit to their places and then remember and read about them - you are able to connect immediately and thats the feeling I got when I was at MLK's birthday place. MK Gandhi's statue makes one feel so proud which is situated right at the entrance and I feel its a good way to give tribute to the one who inspired MLK for equal rights and non-violence. 
As you go through these places and read what they have said in those days... it really makes you think about what has changed ? Really, ask yourself what has been changed other than that we are continuously progressing as we are intelligent human being but then what worth is it if you see even today there is killing and violence all around.
People talk about old school and old methods but looking at the history, it seems either we go back to school to study and understand history from heart rather than to pass the exam or we must have the new generation Gandhi and or MLK.

Our visit was almost ending as we took the flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas. Drive to home from Vegas was kind of giving a slow relief as going around different places and sleeping in different hotels and living through suitcases all was going to end. I guess thats when you remember your sweet home. 

This year vacation was really a stress free and relaxing one. Work was not at all on mind and a new role was waiting for me to start - all this gave me an immense satisfaction. It's true when you are changing your job or a new role, you need to refresh your mind and a vacation at that right time is a must so that you come back all refresh and recharged to start the new role with extreme enthusiasm.
Adios to East Coast until we visit next....!

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” 


Jeevan said...

Vacation does not only refreshment; we learn so many things while travel and meeting new people and places... Knowing things and seeing photos doesn't make enough magic, unlike exploring on our own on things that make feel amaze.

Beautiful write up from the experience on the lands to legends.

Fiza Dawn said...

Thank you dear :)


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