Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Wandering Thoughts....

Everyone is talking about the Monday blues... yeah! I get it after long Christmas and New Year holidays everyone is feeling lazy to go to work or to school... but then there were some who had no holidays and were working during those days.
I had my christmas holiday and new year holiday spent at home, though I did attend the new year eve's party yet that was in the neighborhood. 
I took the advantage of Saturday and Sunday and probably I guess I slept for more than 10 hours. It is kind of a meditation for me where I didn't feel hungry and neither I feel like getting up or rushing for anything...totally in bliss.
When my Sunday is about to dawn on to Monday, my mind has become a wanderer... it is going to all over the places that I visited in 2014 and I am literally seeing people whom I met. The zeal to meet them again is trickling inside... I want to fly again high...and high in the sky!

The moments I spent last year
Is haunting me this year
I had my meet and greet
Yet, the thirst has not quenched
Why I don't feel the responsibilities?
Why I am not worried even to think?
Why I am detaching from artificial world?
Why my mind is so free that it doesn't care?
Why I am not worried that I need to work and pay bills?
Why I feel I can wander around?
Why I feel so relaxed and yet zeal to wander?
Why? Why? Why?
Because I am free!!!

I don't own anything and I don't owe anything and hence my heart says you can wander around like a bird in and out until you are ready to fly from here to the unknown side!

"Youth is to wander! Adult is to act! Age is to assimilate the beauty of thoughts ~ Debasish Mridha

~ Dawn

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Jeevan said...

How fabulous would be life if it continues to travel like this?

Just enjoying the moment to fullest even once in a while is bliss. Your thoughts uplift me as well :)
Cheerful dawn

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