Sunday, October 12, 2008

“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.”

It’s been only two months being in this neighborhood but I feel as if I have been here for a long time. When I moved to this neighborhood, I didn’t know how the neighbors would be…but as the days pass on I get to know them more closely and find that they are so caring.

Tim is the guy who came up to us saying don’t worry about your lawn, I will cut them for you and then we never had to think about our lawn. Frank and Tim these are the neighbors who live in front of our house and I always see them …it was strange when I didn’t see them for 2-3 days and when I asked Frank who is the father, he said his son Tim is not well and was admitted to the hospital.
Last Sunday we heard he left all of us for his heavenly journey. It was very sad, as I feel he had the charm to get close to people with his helping nature and his great ideas. One would never know when he will go for hunting and bring deer, wild boar, turkey and if nothing then at least fish from fishing. He was a hard working and helping hand for everyone in the neighborhood. The worst thing was that Tim had moved with his father after his mom’s death to support his father and now he himself has left his father alone, what a tragedy.

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death” ~ Albert Einstein

But the way neighbors are taking care of him is amazing. Wednesday was the service which I attended and I could feel the loss so badly that it literally made me cry. How long do you need to know a person to be close? I learnt that here in two months time.
Friday my neighbor Curtis had a campfire in his backyard which was for Frank specially and we all had a really good time. It was a good time to know the neighbors more closely.

Next morning it was a tree plantation, which was donated by us, all neighbors in remembrance of Tim and planted at the backyard of Frank’s house. All of a sudden I felt I know my neighbors for many years.
Saturday night we had karaoke at our place and then after dinner for the neighbors, we all wanted Frank to have a good time and as good neighbors weekend was the only time that we could spend most with Frank.
Everyday everyone from the neighborhood will have a check with Frank – just to make him know that we all are there for him.

Life can be so different if my neighbors were strangers to each other.

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”


Vinz aka Vinu said...

may his soul rest in peace...

and you conveyed many messages in this one single post..well written..!!

tulipspeaks said...

that's a really sweet of all of u guys.

my neighbours.. i dont think they even know i exist!


Jeevan said...

You must glad to get those neighbors around and it’s a jerk lose with the lovely practicing Tim. My condolence to Frank, so sad hearing.

Very truly said! Friendly neighbors make difference.

Sandra said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbor my you all feel love and peace at this time. I loved that you planted a tree. What a wonderful act of love. :)

starry nights said...

So sorry to hear about your neighbor, it is at times like this that we need good neighbors and not only in good times.I think the tree planting is such a neat idea.

ketki said...

we all need good neighbours to help us in out tightspots!
but not that we all get such good nieghbours!

Friendly Stranger said...

hey.........I'm back to blogging!
Check out my space.....
Right now it's kind of rush hour for me so I'll check out the post soon!
Happy blogging!

Sujit said...

one can feel that they had been in the same area if nothing suits also. Its either that way or this way..! :) but good you are having nice neighbors :)..

Tarun Goel said...

Gud to see that neighbours are also goood

Anonymous said...

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krystyna said...

Oh, Dawn,
I cannot stop to cry.
Life is too short and nobody knows what will be tomorrow.
My condolence to Frank!

What a beautiful idea with planting tree!
What a beautiful neighborhood!

Love & hugsss

Dawn....सेहर said...

vinz aka vinu: Thanks dear!

tulipspeaks: Thanks Ammu you are right many places its like that
Cheers dear

jeevan: Thanks dear! Indeed, we are so happy to have such lovely neighbors
It’s a blessing I believe :)
Cheers dear

Sandra: Thanks dear

starry nights: Thanks so much dear, I agree with you.
It’s always neighbors who come first in any painful times.

ketki: Very true dear! I call it luck :)

friendly stranger: Thanks dear

sujit: not only that I see other neighbors who are here only 5 years
Or less are the same…so its all about the right people :)
Thanks dear

tarun goel: Your that sentence said something more about
Neighbors and I do agree with that :D
Thanks dear and

krystyna: Thanks dear! Some times life plays tough joke with all
Of us and we are just helpless and we have no way than to accept the truth.
God Bless You and I pray to keep you always smiling
Cheers n Hugz

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