Saturday, November 15, 2008

"I thought Christmas only came once a year." (The World is Not Enough)

Last week was very busy and I know next week is going to be the same or may be even worse…! Friday there was a party from work in appreciation of all the hard work. I thought I will have a glance at everyone by attending but alas! IT world and …no issue! impossible :D..! I had to wait to figure out and verify the issue and by that time it was quite a bit late to go for the party.

I decided to drive home and guess what! Mr. Bond was in mind since morning as I knew the movie is released. As usual …being the bond gal ;) I kept my trend of watching Bond Movie the day it is released. Late night show but yes I had to watch this :D

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” ~ Confucius
I was disappointed when I didn’t see the Bond music the legendary music which they only showed at the end of the movie…! Another thing which made me feel sad was when Bond was not having Martini shaken but not stirred…instead he was having all kinds of cocktail drink with lemon …gosh! All this made me disappointed though Mr Bond kept everything sizzling and hot!

“Do you know a lot about guns, Mister Bond?” “No, I know a lot about women” ;) That’s James Bond …lol!
Yes, I just love Daniel Craig as Bond, I love his style of walking…his action –just amazing!!! Bolivia, Haiti, Austria and Italy are featured - nice tourist effect. I also liked the villain of this movie, the French actor Mathieu Amalric, who plays Dominic Greene in the movie.

Quantum of Solace’, means something like a measure of comfort. For Bond lovers a must see movie ;)
I enjoyed every bit of it, a Friday ended very well even though the week was hectic ;) small incentives to look forward!
“You have always been a cunning linguist, James.”


Kai C. said...

cool.. thank u 4 stopping by:)
are you a mj fan too?

krystyna said...

Thank you for this beautiful recommendation. I love to watch Bond Movie.
And thank you for your wonderful comment you left for me.
Have a great weekend!
Love & hugsss

tulipspeaks said...

now i feel i'm the odd one out - i still haven't get to watch the Bond movie yet :(


jagadeesh said...

I was so disappointed as it had everything missing from a trademark Bond movie: music, gadgets and even a car (except for the one he manages to crash in the beginning).

I guess Bond has become just-another-hollywood-action-movie.

starry nights said...

Have not seen the Bond movie yet.can't wait.

Suresh Kumar said...

Yet to catch the movie. But friend's reviews were not encouraging as yours. Anyway need to catch the movie where James Bond has become a revenge machine.

Jeevan said...

No I don’t want to disappoint u here, telling anything less about Craig! Bond movies are fun, even though I didn’t have much interest in watching, but have seen more early on its series.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Kai C.: Hey dear good to see you :)
Yes I am :))
Thanks for visiting here dear do come again
Cheers and Hugz

Krystyna:God Bless You My Dear... hope you have great plans
for the Thanks Giving and yes, this time when you watch Bond Movie...
remember its not the same ;) as no high-tech martini....its like
any Hollywood movie...I hope the next doesn't loose its legendary :)
Cheers n Hugz dear

tulipspeaks: haha dear...its about what you like ;) so be happy
when you will get hooked on it you will not miss any lol

jagadeesh: I totally agree with you, it was only in the beginning
that they showed but that was it!! I hope it doesn't become that way!!!
Thanks for stopping by

starry nights:Yes, you should watch but this time with a pinch of salt
as this has shakenall the Bond fans :)

Suresh Kumar: I am glad you find this one encouraging...but as I said
take it with a pinch of salt ... as this one is different ;)
Cheers dear

Jeevan: Hahaha dear I won't be disappointed I promise you on that!
I agree in this one I had my part of sorrows ...but something is better than
nothing..was my take on that one!
Thanks dear

Sarath Chander said...

Aaaah!! James, the cunning icon of brazen capitalism; wonder why he is steering clear of Iraq??!!

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