“If you trust before you try, you may repent before you die.”

Taba is the Arabic root for "to repent." Tavvab, in the Persian pronunciation, is "the repentant one." In the vocabulary of the prisons of the Islamic Republic, tavvabs are those prisoners who repent their "counter-revolutionary" and "divisionist" pasts and see the light of God on pain of death.

“Now that I burn in the fire that I myself have set,

I speak of my sleep and awakening...

From the extremes of humiliation

I speak of eternal shame,

Of a strange but newly familiar sorrow.”

“Confess yourself to heaven: Repent what's past; avoid what is to come” ~ William Shakespeare


Anil P said…
The end can and maybe often does reveal to one what they resisted for long. In part it is the helplessness of the situation, and submission.

It must be easier to submit then than to resist the inevitable.
Pankaj Gupta said…
“Confess yourself to heaven: Repent what's past; avoid what is to come” ~ William Shakespeare..
hmm thats nice to read and know..
the Prisoners knw the real value of life indeed..bye.good day Dawn..
Deepak Gopi said…
Learned a word :)
krystyna said…
Hi Dawn!
Just beautiful and true words from you!
Take care!
Manish said…
shukriya is jankaari ka
MS said…
Very true Dawn, after all one develops trust in somebody/something only after being in touch with them for some time - you need to get to know one to be able to build your trust in hem/her.

Waise, what is the context behind this post of yours?!?

And am back once agian @ my online-anaathalya, my blog :)

starry nights said…
So true Dawn.
Prash said…
you master in arabic and in persian now ?

Interesting !
arunvasudevmn said…
Repent means feeling guilty of what u have done which u can reverse in no way,but still feeling guilty nd if it doesnt affects ur tmrw then why should it affect ur today and as it can never affect yesterday,is it reminding u of tmrws which could be as guilty as today but still could be made a pride in some distant corners of our heart by showing immense courage on today, if it can be shown;as we can see around, those are the most difficult to see in this vibrant life around us.
Keshi said…
how true!

Payal said…
Hmm something of great knowledge...

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