Sunday, September 18, 2016

I had a dream this morning and it was about my Dad

It was amazing at the San Jose Poetry Festival today. I was attending the poetry workshop where they talk about different types of poetry writing and it was amazing to hear as for me poetry is something that comes to mind or something that I feels in my heart and I narrate it in my own words. 
We were told to write about the recent or the latest dream that you had and to my surprise I had a dream this morning and it was about my Dad.

Here’s what my dream was in a poetry form:

It was a serene day
I saw dad walking towards home
The visual from my window that I saw was
Dad in his big check shirt long sleeves folded
with a dark blue trousers walking
And the colors all over him
I know he was out when 
The color of festival Holi was played
He was sure mom will be mad and even I knew of that
We both caught each other’s eyes
And I signaled him to stay intact 
So I can take a picture of him.
The moment he saw my action with camera
He jumped from the ground to an elevated one
And to my surprise I clicked that moment!
Such a surreal moment I thought and 
Wondered if I am missing dad or is this him?
The thought took me to the childhood days
As a proud daddy’s girl, I always thought
This is the world.
And when I look today,
I see how I created my own world!!!

~ Dawn

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