Friday, July 21, 2017

I'm on the hunt for who I have not yet become....!!!

A desire to serve the needy has always been part of my growing up. Whenever and whatever way I could, I have always tried to fulfill this desire of mine.

"It is a denial of justice not to stretch out a helping hand to the fallen that is the common right of humanity"

I find this deed very much healing and meditating. I realized one thing that, as much I was able to help with my own hands and will, growing up in corporate industry made me busy with workload and this desire turned into donations.

Donations to different charity organizations or noble causes has always left me with one thought and that is - is this reaching to the right hands?

And, you always satisfy yourselves by saying as long as my intentions are good it should be all good.
However, the desire to do by yourselves, with your own hands and will kept a blaze and here I get an opportunity to learn, serve and inspire others by training teacher initiators in school districts of USA, in technology for their day to day curriculum that they teach their students.

This is a new journey in my life and I want to enjoy this one too by giving my heart, soul and body, while I am in this journey with my VMware team. 

"I would rather have it said, 'He lived usefully,' than, 'He died rich" 

~ Dawn

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