Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Birthday My Dear Gumnaaaam ;)

“Good friends are like stars.... You don't always see them, but you know they are always there”


dOne said...

Keep the cakes coming Dawn. A Chocolate followed with strawberry, I want Pineapple next.

But that also means that I would have to add some extra millage on the treadmill. :)

Bombayite said...

I want Blackforest Cake :))

Bombayite said...

Happy onam fizakutty

Manish said...

Waise to wish kar hi chuke hai ek baar phir yahan bhi kiye dete hain..dher sari badhai ji
hope ki raat tak kahin se ghoom ghaam ke aa gayi hogi masti kar ke

starry nights said...

Happy Birthday and I want a slice of that yummy cake.

Keshi said...

Happy Bday Gumnaaam! :)


Gumnaaaam said...

Thnks showww mucch everybody!

Loads of huggiess n luviesss for ya dawn :)

Shama & Diya said...

Two cakes in the same day!! Lucky!

mmmmm strawberrriessssss..happy bday gumnaam(dont forget to share a piece)

Dawn....सेहर said...

done: hahaha that was very cute…well wait until next b’day comes and am sure to give you a pineapple one for sure ;)
Well, I hope that will at least take you near to your destination which is gym :D…
Thanks dear

bombayite: cool you are next in line ;) and yes dear Happy Onam to you too
hope you had lots of payasams ;)
cheers dear

manish: haan aur nahi to kya aajkal college mein jo dakhila mil gaya hai kudi mastiyan maar rahi hain ….fursat mili to shayad yahan aagayee ;)

starry nights: Thanks dear and yes u r right its tempting ;)
cheers dear

keshi: Thank u sis…lots of huggggz to u

gumnaaaam: boy!!! Look who’s here…someone really got some time after all that party and dancing time ;) good to see u here btw :P

shama & diya: Thanks Shama, actually one was for 27th and the other one is 30th ;)…but I know it was too heavy for you isn’t it :D….hope you had your share ;)
Cheers dear

Anonymous said...
Dont forget!

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