“Laughter without a tinge of philosophy is but a sneeze of humor. Genuine humor is replete with wisdom.”

Its like the first love bite :D…that you don’t realize you got one and you suffer until someone points out to you :D

Yes friends, so far I was so proud of myself when anyone asked me if am allergic to anything and I remember to tease one of my office colleague I used to say yes I am allergic to Prunes.

“No one can possibly know what is about to happen: it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time.” ~ James Arthur Baldwin

Past couple of days I was sneezing and sniffing, my eyes were watery and my stuffy nose didn’t allow me to sleep well and guess what today the doctor said its allergy nothing else :D

“He's a new friend at a sneeze; the most you can get of him is a God bless you”

Gosh! I am also caught in the midst of it and they say ~ Welcome to California :D

I was sad a bit for a while but I felt good that at least I know what it is and I have the remedy for it ;)

So I guess I should go with the saying ~ Don’t worry be happy ;)

“When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies” ~ James Matthew Barrie


Shiva said…
A humorous post indeed:) A perfect quotes, pictures and allergy. Sneezing and sniffing is just our resistence to these allergens and a good to have attribute though
Cyberkitty said…
Don't have any alleries...i remember the fairies quote - it comes from the Peter Pan book !
Ekta said…
hmm...now that I think of it..dont think I have any such allergies too..hopefully!..touchwood
priya said…
Dawn: Sneezing in cali' c'mon you have to right.

I just loved that little girl picking those flowers. Why do u always make me think go back ther girl. I am missing it:)
starry nights said…
I have to say welcome to California too.cannot live here without allergies.I love all those quotes.how do you come up with those perfect and appropriate quotes.
shiva: am glad you got it :D!!!! Yes, I also believe in that attribute thingy!
Cheers dear

cyberkitty: Good for you gal and just watch out for one as you never know ;)!
Thanks for sharing that
Cheers dear

ekta: Good to see you after such a long gap…I thought u r up for another vacation! Good luck gal

priya: hahahaha I never thought so dear !!! that’s the irony part of it :D
See its all that we did and would love to do it still is what I posted :D and am glad to see someone out there feels exactly the same ;) I want you to dream again hence I posted … lol! Cheers dear

starry nights: Hey dear…everyone said great things about the sunny cali but not about this … :D well now its sinking in me ;) so am glad am still welcomed :D! My collections are liked by you all is something inspires me most! Thanks love
Cheers dear!!!
Bluebirdy said…
Dawn you didn't tell us what you are allergic to. lol. Here is a tissue package for you. lol.
Blessings, or should I just say "bless you" as you sneeze? lol.
Sorry, not funny, I have allergies too...to animals and cottonwood.

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