Sunday, March 09, 2008

We learn from history that we do not learn anything from history

This weekend even though was a bit hectic; I had my bit of relaxation by watching the movie “Jodha Akbar”. Frankly speaking I had my reservations based on the reviews that I was reading along and the ban in some parts of the country to release this movie.

“We have the power to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world - or to make it the last.” ~ John Fitzgerald

But still, a person who likes to watch movie of any language, this isn’t a bad treat at all :)
Sincerely, speaking a lot of value which this movie adds in, looking at today’s situation in the country. I think even in those days, people were there who used to think of peace and considered human as human and not divide them into some religion etc.

“Feeling and longing are the motive forces behind all human endeavor and human creations.” ~ Albert Einstein
I think looking at the picture, world needs a person like the Akbar. Who sincerely, thought for his country and the people, irrespective of their religion and beliefs? He loved like anyone else and this movie is all about a common man that was residing in those day’s emperor of Hindustan – Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar :D

“How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?” ~ Albert Einstein

I am not sure of if ever Akbar really had a queen named Jodha Bai or not…but what ever historical story they have brought has definitely a meaning for today’s mass.
The songs didn’t make that big impact until I saw this movie. Every song has a relation to the movie and it is no doubt awesome.
Its good to watch this movie as many times due to many political reasons, lot of things are not taught in schools or even told by elders. This movie has come after lot of research work and its worth it :)

This movie definitely has a moral to teach people how to think and love each other as a human. Besides, this the actors and the music directors and the makers of this movie Ashutosh Gowarikar (Lagaan’s director), they all have done an awesome job.

“The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.” ~ Bertrand Russell


Keshi said...

Everyone's talking abt this that u mentioned it too I sooo wanna see it :) tnxx hun!

**has a moral to teach people how to think and love each other as a human

I'd love this movie then!


priya said...


I have no patience to sit for 3.5 hrs and watch the movie.

Sunil Parashar said...

I really liked your perspective about the movie. I'll watch it soon.

Have a nice time dear. :)

Art said...

I love the title of this post! It is so true.

Shiva said...

Akbar, obviously the only mughal who cared for the people and you have given a good review. A must watch movie!

Rauf said...

haven't watched it yet Sehr, i want to, though difficult, very expensive tickets here in Chennai, heard about the controversy, perhaps about factual errors ? i am not sure what its all about, and why some are protesting. i think the director does not claim any historical accuracy.

i am not very proud of indian movies Sehr, very shoddy productions, but there is some in describable charm in them which draws people to watch such poorly made movies. In my opinion, Hindi movies have done a great service in uniting Indians all over the world and have always promoted communal harmony, more than the politicians have ever done. i think the idea of this movie
is to unite Indians, nothing more which indeed is a noble cause.

tulipspeaks said...

i have watched the movie, and to tell the truth - it worth the ticket and 3 1/2 hours of my precious time! a movie not to be missed!


Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi dawn
As usual, you post evokes so much thoughts. Will watch the movie and try to grasp the essecnce of what you say 'We learn from history that we do not learn anything from history

krystyna said...

Hi Dawn,
I don't know how it happened that I didn't visit you. I'm sorry, my loss.
After reading your beautiful post I'd like to watch this mowie.
I'll be try to find it.
Photos are beautiful too.

Best to you!

krystyna said...

The True:
"We learn from history that we do not learn anything from history".

redwaterstew said...

that was the worst movie i have seen in while. three and half hours of assaulting ones senses without a bit of remorse from and overated director. that too in my first movie outing to a normal theater in a while. the only saving grace was the qawalli by rahman.

and for gods sake mrs rai bachan can't act. couldn't even see a tinge of emotion in any of her close-ups. casting a stone would have worked better

redwaterstew said...

something interesting while on this

Manish said...

Jodha Akbar maine bhi dekhi par agar ye picture Akbar ke poore shashan kaal par kendrit rehti to jyada yaadgaar ho sakti thi.

ReadnRyte said...

The only...and I mean the ONLY thing that worked for me in the movie was the surreal 'Khwaja mere khwaja'.

The movie was a torture sitting thru..especially awful characterization and even worse acting. I don't really know who ever thinks of using that Rai creature in movies to do the role of a walking, breathing human. She hasn't an iota of personality.

But apart form the bum numbing experience, there were some unintentionally hilarious scenes, and among the best was Akbar trying to convince us about the ferociousness of an elephant that was obviously trying to ward of boredom.

Dawn....सेहर said...

keshi: am sure you will ;)
Cheers n hugz

priya: Yes, if you hv something important then I wud say don’t waste time ;)
This was my past time n didn’t regret watchin it :)
Cheers dear

sunil parashar: Thanks dear

art: Thanks so much dear. Good to know I did justice to it.
Cheers dear

shiva: Thank you dear thanks so much :D

rauf: I agree to some extent and I would say waiting is worth rather than spending so much on a movie ;) ! My perception of watching movie is that at the end I should feel good about spending that money on that movie …no matter what its about my happiness.
About movie for noble cause, I don’t think that’s a bad idea…! It is a mode of communication and one should make full use of it.
Thanks for your sincere review dear and good luck

tulipspeaks: great to hear another perspective :D!!! Thanks dear

anamika:the sugarcrafter: I am thankful to hear your sweet comments dear
Thanks again and cheers

krystyna: Thank you dear for your sweet comment and yes I always look forward to your visits :)! May god bless you my dear

redwaterstew: Thanks dear, I respect your opinion too :)! Its not necessary that everyone should like it and I don’t blame if you didn’t like it…as there are ample of reasons but then what you give credit to negative or positive aspect of it ;)
Cheers dear

manish: Shayad tum sahi keha rahe ho…kyunke mujhe bhi oss baat ki kami mehasus to hui …lekin phir tumhein pata hai movie to movie ki tarah hee banayenge na k ek educational one ;) ! Thanks tumhein yahan dekhkar accha laga

readnryte: True, I also liked the song. But rest is all how much importance you give in the movie to each aspect and its element ;)
Thanks for your comment and please do visit again. My blog welcomes you :D

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