Wednesday, August 06, 2008

“Don't buy the house, buy the neighborhood.”

Yesterday was potluck in the neighborhood and it was a nice way for us to get introduced to everyone in the neighborhood.
What was strange was this was not on any weekend but was on a week day! How stress less people live here and party and have a gala time on any day. Reminded me like a holiday!
Anyway, we reached the venue which was right in front of our house and everyone had to put a batch with their name and it was a way to get introduced to everyone. We had taken some chicken marinated for BBQ.
Everyone welcomed us to the neighborhood and congratulated for the new home.

It was quite interesting to see how you have one person who is all enthusiastic in organizing things and making sure as one family everyone is taken care. I loved the concept, something we miss in the down area.
Drinks and food were placed and one could help themselves and eat and talk. That’s the time I met people who have been living there for 40 and 30 years and they all love it even now!

“Come out of the circle of time
And into the circle of love.” ~ Rumi

What I found is people closer to earth were actually down to earth :)
I came to know lot of history about the people out there. There were people from the City officials who came there to meet everyone and introduce how a community can help the city and the cops from doing wrong things.
The jokes that was going on was something I could relate how people in the villages does when they see any government officials come and certain jokes they crack with them.

A total new experience yet a loving one, where I could see people helpful, caring and taking responsibility for their neighbors. It’s a small community which turned to be a joint family.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” ~ Ryunosuke Satoro

I had a good evening with lots of food and drinks ;)
Welcome to the neighborhood!


green card lottery said...

Well for me its better to be more realistic.

Luis said...

Hola, muy lindo blog, esta barbaro, me gusto, voy a seguir pasando, saludos q andes bien y pasa por el mio cuando gustes ...


Priya said...

Good for you Dawn. Knowing your neighborhood and your neighbors is always the best at any time u know.

Keshi said...

wow thats a seriously nice msg there Dawny. Beautiful!

And I love that last's so powerful. Together we make an Ocean yes! Togetherness is imp.

btw plz come and ans my qn in my latest post :) I wanna know wut u think too.

*HUGZ* hv a good day!


Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...


nice post..

i was looking for some para regarding the chicken BBQ in detail.. ;)

the title was great...sounded something like 'in marriage you are not marrying one person, but the whole family'

nice read..!!

krystyna said...

-“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
-"Don't buy the house, buy the neighborhood"

Love these thoughts and
great post!

Have a blessing time in your new home and in the new neighborchood!

Deepak Gopi said...

:)Good day

Jeevan said...

It’s a new exist, just letting know wish something like it happens with my neighborhood. Being 2 and a half year shifted to new home apartment, leaving few, more people not even get smiled at everyone. I loved this concept :). Glad you all enjoyed buddy :)

Every rain drop collected to be reservoir family.

krystyna said...

Happy Independence Day to your beautiful, native country India!

Dawn....सेहर said...

green card lottery: Sometimes reality seems like a dream
Thanks for your comment

luis: Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting here but sorry I don’t understand what you said :) hope its something good

priya: You said it right dear and more when I see my other friends neighbor’s
Don’t even say hi to them !!
Thanks and cheers my dear

keshi: Thanks dear and I am sure I came by and answered the Qs ;)
Hugz n Cheers

vinz aka vinu aka vinayak: your comment made me laugh first and then I
Seriously thought, I could have added more on that note ;) may be next time dear
Thanks for suggesting

krystyna: Thank you dear for your kind blessings!
I wish you the same
Cheers n Hugz dear

deepak gopi: Thanks and same to you too dear

jeevan: I wish and pray for you and your neighborhood my dear :)

Shiva said...


That's interesting..

Loved the quote from Rumi.


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