Saturday, June 29, 2013

What is love? In math: an equation; in history: a war; in chemistry: a reaction; in art: a heart; in me: YOU... Aha!!!! :)

I am a believer and I believe many times we meet people to learn a lesson or to know something new in life.
I met many people in life and many told me they love me like nothing else in life.
But I always had a lesson to learn.
Sometimes, it told me about their need for having a support system or sometimes it was mere a company as they always felt they were lonely or sometimes it was mere a lack of confidence and they gained that positive energy from me.
All that happened and no where I felt am doing any favor to anyone. As a living being I am also being part of life system.
I met people, I came to know about them or I came to know about their weakness and tried to be their strength yet, when I looked at for support, reliability and love I  was able to find my love.
It's a great feeling in life to know that you finally found your love and you acknowledged it too before taking that last breath.
The moment where the heart is free of any thoughts or restrictions and yet heart is telling the truth that I love you and I am so lucky to find you in this life.
Yes, it takes a lot of guts to even convey and confess the truth and accept the reality.
I am happy at the end as life is all about finding the truth and accepting them.

"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control"

I love life because I meet so many people in life all across the globe and it keeps expressing it to me that love is life and life is to love :)
I want to tell to my friends being in love is a great feeling whether the other person loves you or not but you love and you accept is a great thing.
When you convey this and you get the reciprocation in same manner then its your time ...
Moon time :)

~ Dawn

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