Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Extension ;)

Today is an important day in my life, yes April 17th, 1999 I was able to deliver a much desired baby girl – Rhea. This day I became ‘VAMA’ – a WOMAN.
I had her name decided even before she was born or rather even before I knew of having a baby girl. Somewhere in my heart, I was very confident about raising a baby girl as supposed to a baby boy.
Naming my kid Rhea – also had a significance which I call as life is full of struggle yet how to make it a success is all up to us. I liked to call my daughter Rhea – which means “Stream” in Hindi – though it has many meanings in other languages. I wanted my daughter to be like that stream which flows smoothly no matter how the path is. Streams they make their way.
This was my first teaching to my daughter, telling her the meaning of her name and why I chose one for her. I still remember the day April 17th 1999 at 3:00 pm the doctor asked me what would you like – a boy or a girl? And me being cautious said, ‘A healthy baby’. The doctors tried their best to get out of me and when they couldn’t they tried a different question this time – What would you name if the baby is a boy? – I said, I don’t know yet! And what would you name if the baby is a girl? – Rhea 

They laughed out and said, here’s your Rhea and I heard one delicate voice of cry and it brought tears of happiness in my eyes.

That day and now – 15 years is a long way and many more long ways to go but that’s the best thing happened to me. When I thought I am alone in this world, I found an extension of me .
She remained my extension and now I see it turned into a best friend relationship. Previously as a kid till I became VAMA, I used to tell everything to my dairy, now I tell to Rhea. A relationship that we both have built together, irrespective of what came into our life as a change, we didn’t stop there. Today, I feel so proud to say that I do have a best friend, something which I never committed even in school.

When Rhea, comes and discusses her story whether it’s about her teachers, friends in her school or outside, her crushes, her dream to marry Zyan Malik (until he got engaged), the scary stories of pregnant school mates or kids who are being caught for drugs, or even when for the first time she had to dial 911 in school to protect a guy who was being bashed by other outside guys or even her feedback on her dad – I find my daughter is way matured for her age. I am sure life has its own values and learning that educates us and make us wise about a situation. I like the way she thinks and the way she reacts to a situation, makes me a worry free mom – specially to those who always told me wait until they turn 10, or teen  I am happy about my girl – it’s her 15th birthday but the way she treats me – it feels like I am 15. 

As I wish my kid her 15th Happy Birthday, I also say THANK YOU Rhea, for walking with me along side by side through the journey that I chose for US.

Your Madre’s advice to you on this day is -  Live the life the way you dream and desire for, never think of what someone else will think. Your happiness is yours and no one knows it better than yourself. Go for it!

~ Dawn


Wen-Hui Tu said...

Her shiny smile is her key to every door that opens to her one by one...Happy birthday, Rhea!

Wen-Hui Tu said...

Happy Birthday Rhea! Your shiny smile is the password to open many doors ahead of you.

Fiza Dawn said...

Thank you my dear Wen, Rhea says THANK you with a big Hug! She wants to meet you... soon!

with love and hugs <3

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Rhea !

Fiza Dawn said...

Thank you !

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Rhea :) !!
Hope to read many more like this from your mom in coming year with more proud moments and happiness !!

Jeevan said...

How beautiful and significantly named her! It’s so happy to read your relationship with Rhea... I think the bonding and close friend relationship happens naturally between a mom and daughter, rather being just a mother and child relationship, but each of them is special in their own ways. Am I right? :)

Btw. My best wishes to Rhea on her beautiful journey through life, facing anything with courage and peace of mind and moreover lot of happiness.

Anonymous said...

I wish i had a Rhea. The way u explained her touched my heart.

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