Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind... :)

Time is ticking yet in this part of the world things seems slow. It’s as if you are sitting in a stopped vehicle and the vehicle opposite to yours is moving fast and hence the illusion tells that you are moving fast. Yes, it’s funny but that’s how I feel.

The world around me is moving so fast and so many things are happening and I am as if in the middle of a huge library where I am searching for information. A never-ending search on Azharuddin – the former Indian Cricket Captain.

Since the day I saw the movie ‘Azhar’ my mind is stuck in finding what happened and as shown in the movie did he win and got all the allegations taken off?
The more I read about Azhar, the curiosity to know if he was involved or not in the match fixing and it just went on. Azhar captured my mind in such a way that I was thinking all time about him.
In between a thought crossed my mind, why not meet him in person and then my analytical mind wanted to seek some feedback. I asked my friends about Azhar and I told them how crazy I am searching about all this scandal and the response I got was that he is a criminal mind.
Something that I was not expecting or probably my heart doesn’t want to listen that he is involved or he is guilty. I saw some of the videos based on my friend’s suggestion and it just put me into a world probably I am never exposed. When you see celebrities, you think they are this respectful figures in their personal space too, but when I heard the cricketer Ravi Shastri using bad words in every other sentence it just makes you wonder why this dual face?
Anyway, it was very disturbing to see that how in the sting operation video people were just bashing one another teammates and officials.

Somewhere, I still have soft corner for Azhar don’t know why and I feel for his first wife too.

I feel India is such a place that it will keep you busy even if you don’t indulge in any work in India. I have my office work which I am managing remotely, however demonetization, Tamilnadu Chief Minister Dr. J. Jayalalitha and her death ( Rest in Peace 'Amma'), all kept everyone glued to the TV channels. This gave me another opportunity to start my search on Dr. J. Jayalalitha and its endless as it starts with Dr. J. Jayalalitha, then her mentor MGR, her close friend and advisor Sasikala and then Natarajan and the Mannargudi Mafia connection and the saga goes on from there. Politics can get so dirty that human life has no value sadly, yet poor people have Faith!

As I stay here, there’s more to this I feel but at the same time I know once I am back to my destination the search will reside in peace or maybe not.
Reading so many stories from the past and the present, my mind just wander visualizing those incidents and then it gets into a research mode. Indeed mind can get very complicated...it depends how far we follow the mind!

~ Dawn

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