Saturday, December 03, 2016

Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost...

Traveling to India seems not so rare or unusual these days, specially when you have parents living there. Based on the time and need I got my tickets through Air India.
When the agent was giving me the tickets, I asked Air India? Is it a good airline as I have never taken this airline in my 19 years of stay outside of India and I have heard some not so good reviews.

The response was, yes Ma'm it's a three to four star..yes, when there is a need we all go for it. My journey was good from San Francisco to New Delhi, though this was first time that I was taking a direct flight with this long stretch of journey. The service was good but as expected I was only able to watch one movie after that system got hung. 
There were hardly any such movies that you would jump to watch, yes to kill time I saw Azhar - a movie that was made to show that Mohammad Azharuddin former Indian Cricket Captain should not have been baned from Cricket for match fixing. 
Frankly speaking, Azhar should have just done a press conference to share what he tried to share through the movie. After the movie, I just went back to my memories as I was a big fan of Azhar - he and his work with his bat was commendable...! My memories of meeting him in Toronto Curling and Cricket Club and those Sahara Cup matches... yes those are memories now!

Landing at New Delhi was a good experience as it brought all the memories of New Delhi the visits as a kid and as grown up. I am always scared of this city as a kid and as a grown up and now more to say ... the eyes are scary of men!
I had to just connect my flight from here to Kochi but it didn't seem that easy. The wait was never ending until I saw some folks started protesting and calling out 'Air India' Shame Shame'. For a moment I felt these days people just get on and protest for anything and everything. Immediately, I saw people started recording and sending it live to social media. It seems Air India needs to work on their air service timelines and customer service big time. 
When I checked at the counter they said the 5:30 pm flight should start around 7:30 pm but that's also not a confirmed one. I heard similar was for other destinations and that was the reason the protest was going on.
I am not sure if I was lucky but got into the flight by 8 pm and reached my destination around 11:30 pm. Now my worry is how will be my returning flight because I don't want to miss any flight.
Probably my last time with Air India unfortunately! Because I was very happy until Delhi though the TV was not working and but the crew staff was amazing!!!

I felt there is no use of saying anything to the crew and staff at the counter because it's not in their hands if a flight is not taking off because of weather conditions in another state and hence the delay - it's like the house of cards :)

Everything feels new in Modi's India, am I a stranger here?

~ Dawn

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