Sunday, July 27, 2008

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”

A weekday was busy last week and so does was the weekend.

Moving is very tedious no matter where you move…and so I moved to Niles Canyon, Fremont. Sunday morning was like a dream come true.
Slight breeze, the sunrays was already knocking the door but mountains were hiding the sun. The backyard with lush green lawn and the blue jays on the branches….took me back in my memories when during school vacation I used to go to Kerala – a peaceful morning yet with birds chirping it was music in ears.

“Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift.” ~ Albert Einstein

As I meet people at this place, I get surprised each day and feel at home at the same time. Can you believe some people here have been living for more than 40 years and just like how at back home; they never moved or sold there home.
Everyone knows everyone; everyone greets everyone and makes sure the neighbor and the neighborhood is doing well.
There is lot of scenic view and more hidden history, such as Charlie Chaplin living in Niles and shooting his movies such as Tramp and many more to explore yet for me.

“What is history? An echo of the past in the future; a reflex from the future on the past” ~ Victor Hugo

There is a Niles Canyon Railway – a great history that lies around since 1800’s.
It just reminds me of my childhood. As many of my friends know that I love traveling in the train and when ever I hear this horn of the train, it gives me a nostalgic feeling, with my vacation times and all those scenic views which I used to paint!

“Nature is too thin a screen; the glory of the omnipresent God bursts through everywhere” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yes, just like how vacations get over, this stay is also over until next weekend as week days are so hectic and I feel I live at work rather than at home :)
Some pictures as what is Niles ;)
Its vitamin for your eyes and heart ;) Happy Weekday!


rachana said...

Hi Dawn!
Loved the quote abt bycicling the life:) pics are good too..and yes thanks for update on radio blog ! :)

Shiva said...

How True? It is indeed a bicycle riding...

Looks like an awesome place. reminds me of the back-waters..

Loved every quote in the post

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...

Trains are one of the best mode of transportation, i must say..
A die hard train fan, i too love travelling in trains...

Nice post..Nice quotes..!!

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

nice thought..evokes strong emotions on balancing the life !

krystyna said...

Always love to read your beautiful writing
and I like to traveling in the train too.

Dawn....सेहर said...

rachana: Thank you so much glad you are still enjoying radio blog ;)
Take care

shiva: Thanks dear! Yes, you said it :) am enjoying every moment here!

vinz aka vinu aka vinayak: Thanks dear! I also love trains - the moment I hear the siren it gives a nostalgic if it's time to go to next station :)

anamika: the sugarcrafter: Thanks dear

krystyna: My dear thank you so much :) may god bless you
Cheers n Hugz

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