Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance...!

Time many people call is valuable and is running all the time.
I wonder doesn’t this time gets tired of running this fast all the time?
And why should we run around him like a slave, when we say don’t be anyone’s slave?
So many contradictory statements we make and still we follow them, why?
Are we so hypocrite or we are helpless in front of all these?
This doesn’t help, because what is the use of being knowledgeable and yet can’t follow what we believe in?
Why we call ourselves independent and yet see ourselves tied to a clock, a calendar, a place and so many such things?
We do call things are all materialistic and we should keep ourselves free of them, yet this dilemma, why?
Do we really know that we still follow things that we don’t want to follow?
Are we confused that we stumble upon things like a trolley and just go by the flow and speed?
Or is it that we make a goal for ourselves calling it a passion and the rest is tied-up to all these immaterial things that bind us, tie us to a tracking system?
Why we are and what we are?
There might be an answer for each one which might be different. I am searching mine hope you find yours.

~ Dawn

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