Sunday, August 07, 2005

"Friendship needs no words..."

A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway

Yes, that is what a friend is to me..:) who does not hesitate to teach show my weakness, & has no formalities..but a true soul :)!!!

I always cherished my friendship in a way where I never used any words of appreciation but it showed always in my gesture my my deeds for them...:) for my dear friends all over the world..!!! I love my friends and am very loyal to them...and the best part is they reciprocate it gladly :D

"Friends are the sunshine of life." ...this is Dawn ;)
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Manish said...

haapy frenship day!DON
meri yahi prarthna hai ki
he bhagwan mujhe itni shakti de ki aisi fren ko bhi salon saal JHEL sakoon! :)

Manish said...
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Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

happy frndship day.. we aint frnds yet. but we most will be hopefully especially u helpin me out wid the radio blog. i havn't done anythign wid it yet. since been at work all day.. will sure let u know if it works.

peace out

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

heyy.. m bak wid help.
I got the files converted and stuff. now i need to know wat webserver u used to upload ur files in. the site is sayin to use, but it kinda loooks weird.

peace out

Keshi said...

aww wut a cuttte pic!!

Friends r a very imp part of anyone's life. If u dun have friends, u might really not have a life...I just cant imagine how anyone can live w.o a friend!

Although we must be careful who we choose as friends. Many imposters can give u heartbreak n tears. I'm talkin with experience. One may have a million mates but the true wonder would be to have just one good friend who knows u, but loves u anyway, just like Dawn put it...lovely definition Dawn!

Happy friendship day to u too n thanks!

PuNeEt said...

A very happy friendship day...
Ur sooooo sweeeet
Plss accept my appreciation in words... hope receiving is not an issue ;-)
U r the Cat or the Fish ;-)

I was laughing my heart out on Manish's comment...

Again Me n Keshi r together ;-)
afterall its forever :-)>

Cheers ...

Vinu said...

Dear dawn,

Friends are essence of my life....

Friendship is not how long we have been together,not how much we have given or recieved from each other,but i thuink its how much we value each other...

Befriend many and many more and stay happy....

flick said...

Happy friendship day fiza!
that was a very sweet post.:)

Keshi said...

aww Puneet we r 2getha 4 eva chweet :)


Dawn....सेहर said...

@manish: ameeen....sumameeen!!!!!!

@the ice princess: my so glad to see you here..:) & be of some use to you :D...I used the it ;)
thnx and am glad that we are frnds now :)

@keshi: hey dear thanks ...for such cute gesture in your words..:)...big huggggzzzzzzzzz

@puneet: hehe sure you must be thinking in those lines...just like manish ;)
cheers!!! the cat ;) dont you know..:p

@vinu: thanks so much dear...I wish the best for my dear friend like you :)...keep inspiring me like this today and forever ;) I too greedy :D

@flick: dear...thnx so visits are like..'doobte ko tinke ka sahara' :D...luv ya!!!

@keshi: I pray often for both of you hehe & hence u will be together least in my blog ;)

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