The palace is not safe when the cottage is not happy...

This is the palace...Tipu Sultan's kingdom! I often wondered why do they need such a big palace to live...and then I thought...of there servants and there dozens of wives and others!!!

Genius without religion is only a lamp on the outer gate of a palace; it may serve to cast a gleam of light on those that are without, while the inhabitant sits in darkness

The best part I liked was....there were lot of from different schools and one small gal probably 5-6 yrs old who very innocently asked...her mother...I see everything in this palace but where is the washroom !!! hehehehe that was hillarious...but so genuine ...I thought!!!!!! Posted by Picasa


Keshi said…
lol ppl really live in there? wow I wonder what their daily life is that lil gal asked, where is the washroom n how far do I have to walk for it :)

Keshi said…
did u say dozens of wives...omg how dus he cope? lol!

PuNeEt said…
Another beautiful Pic...
Tipu Sultan has alwayz fascinated me...
Dear Washroom must not be for public display ;-)

Keshi... dozens were only official ;-)

Sahi hain Dawn... aur kya kya kaid kiya hain apne cam main ;-)

Vinu said…
A palace was not considered only as a place to stay or take sjeltor,but was whole in whiole a society.....

As far as i know it consisted of all the king,his family,his clrgies and their families..Then the servents their families...Not only that..they got store house,recreational areas,dance halls,dining halls,amphitheatres,etc etc..

all in all a housing complex society...
Mirzaghalib said…
Tipu Sultan, I always admired him for his bravery (not for his dozens official wives ;)). Now I feel like going to B'lore.
@keshi: dear its all about those days...nothing as today :)

@puneet: thnx dear for liking qaid hai woh waqai qaid na deekha sakin ;)

@vinu: very truly said...but some of the facts of those days...makes one think in today ers :)

@mirzaghalib: hehe you gave it all..with clarification :)...good to hear...thnx
Keshi said…
haha Puneet only official? omggg imagine how this guy felt on Valentines' Day - he must have been up the walls lol!

@keshi: hahaha keshiiiiiiiii you make me laugh like crazy thought just go gal!!!!!! yeah!!!! & imagine the reactions when they dont like his gifts hahahaha
flick said…
tipu sultan's palace, wow! thats a treat fiza :). id love to see some more pics of it. ;)
vesey that sweetee was areally a genious:
wheres the washroom?!!!
hehehehe...i wouldve asked the same question if i were there :p
@flick: dear...cams were not ws tricy tht my cam didnt show on there scanner I could take. Heavy security!!! I could manage this when I came out of the Palace..!!!

Yes I was really surprised by the question...that cuty asked :)
am glad u liked it


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