"Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never at heart."

Patience is the companion of wisdom.
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Keshi said…
Patience is also the inspiration for Wisdom...

Top marks for this enchanting post!
Shaima said…
that is sooo cute!
Mirzaghalib said…
Wow....finally you got em both together....good for you...very nice Dawn..am proud of u :P
PuNeEt said…
Arz kiya hain...

"Lamhe ye sunahre kal saath ho na ho
Kal main aaj jaise baat ho na ho
Par apni dosti ke haseen pal dil mein rahenge tamam umr
Apni mulaqat phir kal ho na ho"

Vinu said…
Patience...does it pay off everytime...
Dont know...Patience alone cant do any miracle
But yeah, patience is a must...
@keshi: I wish this was my PMP score ..lol!! Thnx dear for all your love :)

@shaima: Welcome to Dawn's world..& thanks for stopping by..please do so again :)

@mirzaghalib: Thnx so much for the trust :)

@puneet: mashaAllah!! kya khoob kasa hai aapne dostana-e-yaar per..:) parhte hee maza aagya ...aise hee aur nazmon ki ladiyon ke muntazir ..;)

@vinu: I did reply in my previous blog..seemed like this one sticked into my mind :)...patience alone cant do but still patience is a must ;) Thnx
Keshi said…
lol Dawn I'm sure u'll get top marks in ur PMP exam too :) Dun cha stress out babezzz, it'll all be fine n Good luck!

@keshi: Thank U so much love...now am damn confident :)
best wishes to u too dear!

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