An inch of gold cannot purchase an inch of time..

Courtesy by HMT Watch was still under construction ...getting prepared for the season....with the Snow White & 7 dwarfs theme...!!!! Posted by Picasa


Me said…
where you found it ?
It's so nice....
and the quote is just appropriate......
Bombayite said…
cool watch.. I also want one :))
PuNeEt said…
Wow dear...
U r making the wait worth ;-)

@avik: this was at Bangalore-Lal Baugh ! Am glad you liked it :)

@bombayite: hehe..felt like a small kid asking for it ....I can only give you the pic dear..! :)

@puneet:am glad to hear that puneet...thnx a lott!!
Keshi said…
yet another golden quote...

Vinu said…
Wt a quote dawn...Gud one..never came accross before..
Mirzaghalib said…
Dawn...if your PC every get hacked think of me...cuz I am gonna do it for all the quotes u have captivated in your PC. ;)

Nice pic and excelelnt quote.
@keshi: thnx so much dear!

@vinu: am glad there is something worth in coming to my blog :D
thnx dear!

@mirzaghalib: hehe thts the secret...even my pc doesnt know about those quotes ;)
Thnx for liking them all !

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