Moon! Moon! I am prone before you. Pity me,and drench me in loneliness!!!

An evening in California ...;) ..I think after India trip its, in California that I have seen full moon..with that tinch of yellow & orange dont know why...I always found the moon bigger in size when am in North America and its always smaller in size in India..?? why???

"The moon develops the imagination, as chemicals develop photographic images"

But even though the moon was full...beautiful with spreading the moonlight across..still a strangeness was there...the sense of belongingness or warmth which I have seen in Canada or in India was lacking!!!

"Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax."

Its so strange I wonder....though we all know there is only one moon and one sun...still we differentiate hehehehe...thats what they say its the mind thing :)

However, I like the mountains over here...very light greyish n blue combi mountains with trees in between if its shrubs...and literally makes one feel that its a painting...:) it is a painting isnt it...nature's own creativity.

I admire the beauty over here...many times its the nature and its beauty that keeps one stay ...;)

"Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for."

I loved this evening...was always feeling how lonely the moon is...though there were lots of people around in the mall..and the moon sitting across was just watching at the crowd.. may be..! or was feeling jealous about them...:)

"Oh dear moon...I feel sad for you...
which means in your lonely times am there with you" :)

this what I felt like saying to the moon!

"Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness." :D
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Raj said…
"The moon develops the imagination, as chemicals develop photographic images"

very true.......

nice thoughts.....:)....
PuNeEt said…
hi dear...
moon is not the same for the poets...
kyonki hum dil se dekhte hain...

aur woh to fir bhi chaand hain...
naye shahar main to khud ka chehra bhi naya nazar aata hain ;-)

Good post dear...

I still cant see the pics...

Hey I would like u to visit this post of mine n give ur comments ;-)

have fun
@dhinchak: gives an individuality to each individual :)
Thnx for your gesture!


@puneet: haha u said it right Puneet..apna chehara bhi naya lagta hai :) but if you cant see the something as u r missing a beautiful one...get set...;)

PuNeEt said…
finally i saw both the pics...

wow they are too cool..

great going dear

Gumnaaaam said…
I dont knw y ..jahan bhi koi chand ki baat karta nazar ata hai ...hamay ye sher buhat yaad ata hai..

chaa.Nd ke saath ka_ii dard puraane nikale
kitane Gam the jo tere Gam ke bahaane nikale

Is ki tanhai par hum soz tou kartay hi hain par dekha jaye tou ye kab tanha hai...sitaray,badal,hawa,sab is k sath hain..aur tou aur buhat say log bhi in k hum raah hain jo janab k sath raat ka sangeen safar tay kartay in all ye tanha nahi...incomplete zaroor hai..par tanha nahi...tanhai ka ghum abhi is chand ki kismat mai nahi aya :)

Excellent post..and this pic.....i loved it :))

Thnxz :)
Bombayite said…
hey fizkutty, yess i totally agree wid you there is only one moon moon :)) sen, she has 2 hto daughters rima and Raima :))

sun sun sen would sound weird na :))
@puneet: Thanks dear, am glad you could see the pics :)

@gumnaaaam: baat to bahut geharayee tak le gayeen aap...chaand waqai tanha nahi balke adhura hai...lekin kisi haal mein ooski iss dastaan ko pesh karne ka jigar hamare paas nahi tha :) kya hai na ...dukh hota hai chaand ke liye :)
pic pasand farmane ka bahut shukriya

@bombayite: hahahahaha I just couldnt type after reading your comment..hehe hillarious!!!!

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