Sunday, October 09, 2005

Change begets change....!

"Change" this word looks so small...when one actually goes through the change :)

I have been moved to a new job ...and ofcourse new kind of people :) many changes to such a small soul like me ..:)

I have a lot to capture with my cam when I look at the nature here...but believe me I miss my home Toronto :(

I now truly believe in 'Until you taste sour, you really dont know what is sweetness'

"I'll go anywhere as long as it's forward."

I have been through changes but now its been a long time things are still in transit with the USP people ...I have no phone :( still going through the process...of getting one...hence no net...aaah! how much to make one soul suffer....but then work is also new & I can't take the risk of blogging hehe..hehe what else for the last straw on the camel's getting used to everything...I have found a desi colleague right from the heart of Goa - in India, who keeps me busy with her stories and makes me feel at home... :)

"Be bold. Be confident. Be alive. A gallery of possibilities awaits for you when you make change your friend"

Gosh! its Ramadhan time and believe me I started mine prior to Ramadhan time...:) life is like this sometimes...:)

I look at it an innovative way of living..isnt change a good make new friends and you learn new culture and teach some to them too..;)

"Every generation needs a new revolution."

-Thomas Jefferson

am happy ! But all I am upset is for not using my cam ....its so tempting!!!

"Change is a part of every life. Resisting is often as futile as it is frustrating"
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Mirzaghalib said...

ghar naya kapre naye bartan naye
in purane kagazon ka kiya karein

Is that what ou been thinking ...guess what I am thinking ...



bheegi huyee aankhon ka ye manzar na milega
ghar chhor ke mat jaao kaheen ghar na milegaa

Stay happy and safe :)

Manish said...

Hope u settle down and adjust to ur surrounding quickly ! afterall change is always for the better!

and its festive here too
It has started with worship of Devi Durga! and will be followed by Dussehra! There is crowd & lights everywhere on the road :)

PuNeEt said...

Hey good to see u here...

Ye initially it will take some time...
you are into a altogether diff world...

Wish you all the very best for your new place...

take ur time... settle down...

Ramdhan Mubarak...
Do u fast...
Wish u all the very best

Take care

Gumnaaaam said...

kahaa.N aa.Nsuuo.n kii ye sauGaat hogii
naye log ho.nge na_ii baat hogii

Well all i can say is...i personally hate changes ..even if its good aswell.. it takes me a lot of time to manage with those changes in my life..I like things to remain same through out my life ..but the fact is tht they r part of our lives...and we have to face them matter we like it or y not facing it as a new challenege of life and leave foot prints where ever we go for the upcomming ppl me ;) :)

I wish all the happiness in this world fall in ur laps and worries may never touch u..for ur a flower so cherished by an admirer tht only true feelings come out :)You are an embodiment of nature and happiness so be like a fragnance as u always do...which is free from boundires !! A sign of blessing which serves to the mankind with its delicacy, fragility and eternal nature ..:)

In all...u r a blessed soul !! keep ur spirits high and embrace the up comming changes with ur love and satisfaction :)

lucyalexander92567932 said...
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Dawn....सेहर said...

@mirzaghalib: wah!!! amazing...all I can say is..
yaado.n kii bauchhaaro.n se jab palake.n bhiigane lagatii hai.n
kitanii sau.Ndhii lagatii hai tab maa.Njhii kii rusavaa_ii bhii

Thanks for all the wishes ..I need them all :)


@manish: Thanks...for the wishes and yes..Happy Dashera
enjoy the most ..:)

@puneet: :) dear my next post is about 'settle' ...some how this blog is not working..dunno why :(...
'ramadhan mubaraq to U too :) thnx so much for all the blessed with everyone's love and wishes :)

@gumnaaaam: gosh!!! U make me speechless at times..:)
here's for u ...
naye kapa.De badal kar jaa_uu.N kahaa.N aur baal banaa_uu.N kis ke liye
vo shaKhs to shahar hii chho.D gayaa ab Khaak u.Daa_uu.N kis ke liye

keep smiling...

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