Monday, June 27, 2005

Journey from City Pune to.................

Train journey...I always loved train journey in India are long ones & inexpensive..a common man's mode of travelling ...:) and...watching all the scenes and passing by different parts of the country a feeling of touching every bit of it...just takes you from one province to another...and one can see the change...right from the language...traditional clothings...gestures...even the styles of vendor's selling..its just amazing..!!!

MK Gandhi had said know India one should travel via train in 3rd class train ticket...I tried to travel by 2nd class suggested to go via plane...just b'coz am from Canada...didnt give me enough reasons to convince ..;) takes 3 days to reach...imagine..guys...all the fun...!
We got into the train ..caught out hassel...had some neighbours..who were a group of guys...seemed like they were ex-army ppl..!
One thing I found is besides the Train Ticket Checker..there were cops who were called as Railway Protection Force...RPF's in short. Two cops got in and straight they came and caught one guy...( I was zapped at the confidence with which they caught one came to us or any guess work ;)...) the guy was sleeping on the top berth and the cop searched his suitcases and they found what they were looking for :D....Alcohol..there is no harm in carrying I suppose..but if they find the bottle is unsealed..then ..hey..its party time for the cops I guess ;)!
Anyway...I was still thinking about the cops he gave an explaination to us that ppl drink and then they misbehave with other family etc..etc..!!!

Anyway...since my train was at night 8 pm...we got comfortable ...had dinner...and went to sleep...morning I knew we would be far from this province Maharashtra...we Andhra Pradesh...where things are dry...all the mountains..cactus...all one can think of dried can the language changes ...:) simply a tea Maharashatra says..chai chai ..(u have to go fasttt)...& Andhra they come to 'chaya ..chaya' hehe..I really loved it..this time my observation was very keen on small things...each person inside the train and outside the train...I loved when it used to stop in stations..loved to read the there are small stations which are unknown..and probably will remain forever..unless one takes train like me ;)
Its difficult to capture each n everything here on the blog..but I guess I gave a glance to think and imagine :D...meanwhile I was trying to read a book...the title of the book is 'Roots'...:)

Railway termini are our gates to the glorious and the unknown. Through them we pass out into adventure and sunshine, to them, alas! we return Posted by Hello


Abdus Samad said...

I have practised train journey for several years through Bihar!
Wao! What a amazing journey!
To know India one should go through Bihar--1sr,2nd,3rd,4th sab class ek ho jata hai. Aap ka seat aap ka nehi rahata hai.Berth na diye to death hone me bhi der nehi lagega.
Bachho rone ka zindeghi ka safar hai ...(heheheehhehe.....Mirza Ghalib ji gussane ka nehi)

Manish said...

Fiza tumne jo likha hai wo bahut achcha laga! Ye sari batein main bhi karta hoon har train journey mein! Nature people culture sabka badalta paridrishya dekh ke man harshuit huye bina nahin reh pata!

Mirzaghalib said...

Train journeys are my favourite ones...I hope they can put a route together Canada to India ...and beleive me I be one of the first ones to be on that train. I remember travelling in those passenger trains(those were the only ones on that route) stopping every 5 mins. How can I forget them as during the marriage seasons there used to be people on these trains coming back from wedding including bride and groom with Laddus and Puris. Wow they were ever delicious(particularly when u steal them ;) )

Samad Sb. Gussana kis baat ka bhai...shaadi kar ke ghar lauto to train se hi lautna...ho sakta hai kuchh Jr. Mirza Ghalib usi train mein travel kar rahe hon. ;)

Bombayite said...

things what I always heard in trains while going to Jayanti Janta Exp
1. Mahrashtra - badapao BadaPAo PAOPAO bADA vada garam garam, thandameetacolddrinks...trrrings sounds wid da iron opener on the bottles :)
2. KTK - kaaaffi chai chaai, the davra filter kaafi
3. Andhra - Kapalandi kaplandi ( groundnuts)& cucumbers sliced wid nimbu masala
4. Andhra Again - LIMBUda nimbu ( stolen from the farms 100 for 5 bucks )
5. T.N - BUN chaya/Kaaapi bonda BUN chaya/Kaaapi bonda
6. kerala - parpvada (dalvada) and banana bondas and cooooldrinks as mallus wud say it :))
*bondas = Bombay's Bhajiyas

Bombayite said...

cheating cheating... amravati doesnt comes onroute to kerala :S

ullo bananeko fotu lagaya hai kya :))

Dawn....सेहर said...

Abdus, mirza thanks for sharing ur experience :)

bombayite: no...I wanted to bring the Indian Railway ...Amravati deekha ke kaise ullu bana sakte hein hmm?
But I enjoyed ..ur description is perrrfect ..:)

Manish: yes...I knew you would enjoy as u also have the same passion and love towards trains :)

PuNeEt said...

hi...fundu post
ya train journeys are gr8 fun... bt if they are running right on time...
gr8 observation abt that tea seller... impressed.
the cop incidence has surprised me...
last wk i was travelling nd there were 3-4 people sitting opposite and consumig alcohol...(mixed with pepsi)... TC came... police went by but no1 asked anything...

good to knw ur enjoying...

Dawn....सेहर said...

Thnx puneet for coming in :) yes..for me all this is so impressive :)...have fun!

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