Supposed to be my June 14th post ;)

Today seems like a fresh day :) yes...guess what yesterday was a terrific rain-thrunderstrom and believe me it was a real one was raining heavy and with such a drastic wind that in the neighbourhood people had planted beautiful trees which fall on eachother's roof...and boy...the thunderstorm....I had heard in Toronto but not like one point it hit on the roads and the noise was such that of big blast ....we all got scarred when it hit...for a while we kept guessing ...:D ! Due to the thunderstorm and the wind I couldn't get any excuse to get into the rain to play ;)....I wish...but then I have more opportunities now planning to visit Southern side of India - Kerala one of the highly literate,(can see in Guiness world book record), with full of greenery through out the year and with beautiful beaches and so many coconut trees..cashews...jackfruits...mangoes ;) all tropical fruits and many more to add...I will be taking a train tomorrow and will reach on 17th morning will be a new experience...I have made sure to take a diary along with me so that I have story for my blog :D....I am all excited and hence....I will take a break for a while since I won't be carrying my laptop along with me this time :) I will be mostly in the rain ;)....The Clouds consign their treasures to the fields; And, softly shaking on the dimpled pool Prelusive drops, let all their moisture flow In large effusion, o'er the freshen'd world :) Posted by Hello


Mirzaghalib said…
Hmmm thunderstorms...I love em cuz they always cool off the hott and sticky days. and then rain..gotta love em too...:)

Happy journey
PuNeEt said…
good ;-)
so enjoying the weather in India... it stopped raining now in mumbai...
yes now it did in Pune..but in kerala its still raining..I saw in news the flood...:(

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