Thursday, June 30, 2005

The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react

yeahhhhhhhhh this is a pic that I took from my new digital cam ;) might wonder whats so yeahhhh abt it ...isn't it??? Didn't you hear..'only the one who is wearing the shoes know how it pinches' I had said previous camera ditched me...I was on the look out for a new one..and ride was on a scooter called 'scooty' wasn't raining though but the roads and the water in the potholes were enough to make my trousers dirty :D....I had a good cam purchase and am glad its 7.1 pixel ;) its configurations are really good...and I just took a test drive ..:) this pic is from this new Canon digital cam :D...! I also purchased some DVD's...seems like they are at cheaper rate than in Canada! Had a good ride with jumps and high-jumps ;) ...seems like am ready for action :)
"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."
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PuNeEt said...

hey cool u got ur new digi cam...
it's must wen on vacation.
so after a long time I saw ur blog full with so many posts... I'm sure i'm gonna have a nice time reading all those post during this weekend...
have a great time

Gumnaaaam said...
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Gumnaaaam said...

Okay atlast bk to one of my fav blog's ;)
Though am a bit too late in comming bk but still i read all new posts ;)and all abt ur experiences of bike rides...elephants...fruits...nature...rain...and the loss and gain of dig cam ;) :D
i m really really thrilled by only reading all tht......dont knw wht u wuld be feeling while enjoying and expereincing each an everything u mentioned and missed to mention ;)

There's much much more u wuld be expereincing in ur tour to india so keep blogging ;) :)

Oh more thing...take as many pics as u can :P and fwd me as many pics as u take lolz ;)so i can see the quality of the pics and convince myself to buy the same 7.1 pixel dig cam as am looking fwd to buy one ;)

Manish said...

I have to buy a digi cam also!
So the above request holds good for me too!
hee hee :)

Dawn....सेहर said...

Thanks so much puneet, gumnaaaam & manish :)

my digi is getting so heavy since its getting so much attention hehe lol

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