Saturday, June 11, 2005

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters

a father is someone that
holds your hand at the fair
makes sure you do what your mother says
holds back your hair when yor are sick
brushes that hair when it is tangled because mother is too busy
lets you eat ice cream for breakfeast
but only when mother is away
he walks you down the aisle
and tells you everythings gonna be ok

Yes...that's how my Dad is :) I feel so proud to talk about him...infact I have this dream of writing a book on him...its composed in my mind...and as I think about it...more..I feel it will be a book on my childhood :) and my I writing book on myself???... these thoughts have often made me to stay away from writing :)...My relation with my dad is so different...we speak little but we both know how much we love eachother and the respect that I have for him...that I can do anything for his happiness :).
Even before I was Dad had decided my name :) ...he said if the baby is going to be a boy...then mom will decide the name :)...this makes me very Dad used to dress me up for school...and since we were in the Defence Dad had a lot of impact of that and I grew up in that surroundings with those discipline and rule & regulations....I always used to get prize in school for best & well dressed kid I give all that credit to my Dad. Whenever I used to feel low because the kind of marks I used imagine to score in exams...if I didn't get those...he used to encourage me in his own way with little but effective words...and for me...that was a big relief...!!! Often when I used to be mad or angry at something my Dad used to keep his hand on my head...and used to move it in circular manner :) and the magic was that ...a big smile comes on my face :D...the feeling is that of being blessed. My Dad is a strict guy friends they get scarred of him still hehehe..but he has that faith and confidence in me and that is something which binds me with him and his principles...I want to thank my Dad ..which is so less...but this day I can talk about him all day...see didn't I tell you..I can write a book on him :D...!!!!
Dad...I love you and I want to tell you how much I want to be with you and spend time with you and share all those moments which I have not been due to some or the other reasons..!!!

Daddy no one can decribe in words what a father means. happy fathers day daddy, and remember i love you
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Dave said...

That is the most wonderful Father's Day tribute I've ever read! Your Dad sounds like a terrific man, and I know he will be deeply touched by your words. What a beautiful, beautiful gift you have given him in your blog! (Is Father's Day a week earlier in Canada than in the U.S.?)

Dawn....सेहर said...

dave: Thank you so much for all your sweet makes me more proud now :)..! Well in Canada its June 12th...I think even in India its June 12th...I didnt know in US its a different date>? That will be something new to me.
Dave, once have touched my soul again :hail:

Manish said...

hmmmmm so many times u have told me abt ur dad
abt the deep love and understanding u share with him!

nice idea to write abt ur childhood and the spl bond u shared with ur dad!

Dawn....सेहर said...

Thanks manish..:) its dream to write a book...let's see when I can give a shape to it :D

PuNeEt said...

thats a damn sweet post... how many times do we thank our parents for what they have done for us... most of the time their love, affection, carring is all taken for granted... and especially a father child relationship is least expressed in words...
beautiful post...

Mirzaghalib said...

Happy Fathers day....sorry its June 19th in Canada (Third sunday of June)

Very passionate blog...nice pic and all...good job Dawn. proud of u :)

Dawn....सेहर said...

puneet: Thanx..:) for me Dad is everything ;) my mum gets J but..u know I enjoy the small nok-jhonk between mum-dad..but I equally support my mum too :D
In my life more than my mum Dad's impact is there and still its there..:) can one forget about Dad specially when in Asians..fathers stand is big..:)
Thnx for appreciating puneet.

mirzaghalib: Thanks so much...housla barhate hein aap...:) accha lagta hey!! ;)

Dawn....सेहर said...

oops my calander it shows june 12th..:( but I am glad...I got to write about my Papa :D

IshaGill said...

many many happy father's day, acha koi nahin dar aay dursat aay acha

KL said...

Already happy father's day!! I thought that's still some days away. Hey, if you are feeling bad about writing your childhood because I know many of us will feel so because we might think that we're showing off or we're talking things too personal and so on, don't worry. Write it in third person - that is you've observed all these and then writing down - kind of like biography but not autobiography. Writing is good and especially if you writing anything from your heart - that's indeed very nice to write and read.

Nice post.

Nauman said...

Nice outpouring of emotions highlighting the bond and the intensity of the relationship.

Dawn....सेहर said...

ishagill: Thanks so much!

kl: Thanks so much yaar!!! I love this source of encouragement..:) will do!!! ;)

nauman nisar: thanks so much for visiting ..please do come again :)

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