Thursday, March 02, 2006

“The busy bee has no time for sorrow.”

What a busy life....meetings and meetings and then meetings....:)

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

Well that shows work is in progress ;)

“Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.”

I will there right with you guys sooon :D

Like the Sun is trying to melt this snow the picture ;)

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”


Kumar Chetan said...

oye u know punjabi
kamaal ho giya
dhoti phaad ke rumal ho giya
success is a girl who chases only successful ppl and successful ppl are always optimistic

PuNeEt said...

ooyeee jaldi aa wapas...

meetings keep u busy...

i thought wen peoople get bored of working they go for meetings ;-)
lolzzz kidding

enjooy ur work... n melt the ice fast ;-)


susubala said...

Hi, go ahead with ur meetings and ensure to be back with a coolest post as soon as the ice got melted !

Manish said...

Noted boss!

Komal Mehta said...

hey you have a knack for this......keep it going

Nagu said...

good luck for ur work and come back with a nice post.

Sujit said...

oh.. lot of work.. good!!.. something to be busy at!! good luckk!!..

Mystique said...

Nice quotes. :)

MS said...

Jee haan...Yeh toh part N parcel hai is game ka which is called our 'Coprorate Life' :) Kabhi Kaam toh kabhi thoda aaram!!

Aur hamein yakeen hai ki yeh DAWN snow ko jald hi melt kardegi, aur humein ik nai Pratah kaal mein ik naya aur pyaara paigam the form of a new N inspirational post with all those lovely quotes...


Keshi said...

u sweet lil busy body :)


Dawn....सेहर said...

kumar chetan:oh ji sirf punjabi nahi...marathi, gujrati, tamil telugu malayalam aur bhi kayee hein list mein ;)
Thnx for ur sweet comment


puneet: hahaha I hv heard those too ...where they say ppl waste time in meetings...but what to do my task is to get everyone's agreement and make a decision in tht had to get bored n do the needful ;)
melting ice....yeah its getting there ;)...probably thts why its raining so heavy since morning here :D.....I will be here soon...:)


susubala: Yes dear..I will try to :)....thnx for those sweet words...I cherish them :)

manish: ye kaun bola (rollin eyes) ;)

komal mehta: hey good to see u again here...tht makes me spl believe me :)...keep coming dear...n thnx for everything :)


nagu: Thnx dear...I will b bk...i love this loving notes calling me bk :)
thnx so much to all :)


sujit: Thnx dear...yes...sometimes its so busy n sometimes...its so so busy :D

mystique: Hey buddy its good to see u here...after a long time :) Thnx and do come again :)

ms: Thts so sweet of u manish....sach aapka ye bharosa hum per...wallah humein to houslamand bana diya aapne :)...zaroor jald hee ayenge phir ek naye post ke saath ;)

keshi: Got to be love...:)...but I feel like coming bk when i see all ur love :)
cheers baby

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