Wednesday, March 29, 2006

“For the mind disturbed, the still beauty of dawn is nature's finest balm” ;-)

After all that heavy duty posts...I thought of chilling for a moment..and guess focus and determination was on this...picture!!!

“The paradox of reality is that no image is as compelling as the one which exists only in the mind's eye.” ~ Shana Alexander

Its been long that I am trying to click this pic...and I wanted to surprise some of my Indian friends with this pic..!
Last time I had seen Manish's pic standing in this field...and when I saw this over here in Cal, 'sarson ka saag' (Mustard) field....pranks started playing in my mind...that reminds a funny quote that I read the other day :D

"The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they are okay, then it's you."- Rita Mae Brown

...and I said I have to get this no matter what!! :)! The other day I saw KL with her summer post and I thought she might bring this...but nah!!! here friends for you all...Mustard (sarson ka saag) field...right in the heart of silicon valley in California :D...boooh only thing is..its weed!!!!... lol

“Nature has perfections, in order to show that she is the image of God; and defects, to show that she is only his image.”
But its very difficult to get the pic as its a busy traffic zone...and this afternoon...I had an opportunity to get out for lunch...and this was my mission more than my lunch :D

"Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission"

I love the yellow sheet thats laid on the green layers of the ground...nature is so loving..sometimes...even we forget to notice !!!

“Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh


Keshi said...

Dawn beautiful post....

**I had an opportunity to get out for lunch...and this was my mission more than my lunch

thats excellent! Often I dun get much time to get out for lunch, but when I do, it's so relaxing...

pics r awesome! And yes, everything on the Earth has a purpose...even the wild flowers on the side of the pathway...

Have a wonderful day ahead!


PuNeEt said...

oohoooo dear thats beautiful
sarsoon ka khet only reminds me of the scene from DDLJ...
SRK standing with his arms open and Kajol running ;-)
and the backgrnd song...
tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam ;-)
lol hahahaa

if I have to do that scene in my life I'll be standing in the traffic jam of mumbai ;-)
with cars n busses all around

neways jokes apart...

wishing u a happy gudi padwa :-)


Gumnaaaam said...

Wonderful !!
Truely a nature inspired soul u are :)) and y shuldnt u i've read something similar to it somewhere..tht..he who doesnot appreciates natural beauty..has no softcorner in his heart..

Ch33rs :))

Nagu said...

Thats a very pic Dawn reminds me of many Hindi movies.
nature is so loving.....true.

Happy Gudi Padwa/Ugadi.

KL said...

Mustard field in CA and that also considered weed!!!.....truly amazing :):)....

Have a great day, pal :):).

I love the last quote from Van Gogh. I also paint, and I know that you can't appreciate any painting or any piece of art unless and until you learn to love anything beautiful.

Manish said...

Pic bhi lee to wo jali ke bahar se......loz sarson ke khule khule khet mein vichran karne ka maza सिलिकन घाटी mein kahan:)

sophie said...

that was awesome scene for the morning
nature heals...

Unaiza Nasim said...

yar i loved teh clouds one....
cha gaye hain badlon key saye...
man i love clouds and sea:)
awesome piks!!

MS said...

Hi Dawn!
Wow...that sheen of yellow looked so beautiful....really love such scenic natural beauty...Ek lamba safar ho, nature se baat ho aur music kaa saath ho..Juz heavenly!!

Hmm..aur pichley kuch posts se pata chala ki huzoor coffee-crazy hain :) Is Blissful Dawn ki shuruaat ik hot cup of coffee ke saath :)

Catch up later...

Sujit said...

pics are beautiful.. and was this your quote "Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission".. nice one!!... But mission varies between persons and there are people who do not have missions also.. isn;t it?..

Even here some shrubs have started some sort of yellow colored roof over them.. will try to get some..

KL said...

Ok, my turn to ask the same question - where are you? I didn't realize that you posted this on Wednesday and didn't do anything since then.

Anay said...

Thank you for showing your interest in my blog.. I really appreciate it...

Going through your blog was a great experience... Superb words and amazing photos too...

Dawn....सेहर said...

keshi: Yes true...often work takes up so much dare not to go out for lunch :) it is blessing in disguis :)
thnx dear for all the good things that you says here for me :D hugggggggzzzzzzz

puneet: Thats so was DDLJ and then the other day I saw those so J :D....Thnx and good wishes on Gudhi Padwa :) to you n all ;)

gumnaaaam: I think the least we can do is to appreciate our surroundings..!! :)
Thnx for all ur love dear

nagu: Thank you Sir..for appreciating the pic..its this nacheez Dawn's effort ;)
Happy Gudi Padwa / Ugadi to you dear!!!

kl: why dont u take pic of ur paintings n give opportunity for ppl like us to have a glance... ;)...think about it..!!!...

manish: kuch logon ko aisa hee nasib hota hai...isiliye khushi manaiye..for what you have :P
cheers :)

sophia: indeed awesome isnt it :)
thnx dear..

unaiza nasim: Thnx dear..:) I love white clouds..hehe no discrimination

ms: WOW kaun aaya mere blog ke dware..:) long time no see...hope ur busy with wht u like it :)..thnx for all the good things...make sure u come soon again :)


sujit: True dear...mission varies...but the fact is that there ought to be a mission...its one's understanding as what and how...we get inspiration thru many times..:)
Will chk for some soon @ ur blog..till then

junoon said...

Wonderful post.
that field reminds me the first scene of dilwale dulhania le jayenge, and... scorpions. they just do love mustard fields, at least morrocan ones lol!
oh! thanks for your comment, my english is not enough elaborate to allow me to express what i felt. i can afford nothing but a "thank you"

Dawn....सेहर said...

junoon: Thanks so much for coming again :)...I wonder how sometimes nature connects people, culture and different likings...I love it :)
do come again...:)

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