Congratulations is the civility of envy ;)

Today I had an early day and my day was so busy....didnt get a chance to do anything else other than just work :)....
I had decided to finish my task at work and not to come home with work...!!! Its always good to plan rather to incline towards workoholism :D

"If work consumes you and destroys your personal life, there could be more going on; you could be a workaholic."

In the evening I was so tired...and guess soon I heard this news...I got all refreshed...just like after a shower :) of my first cousins who is a real hard worker since he was a child....did attempted for the CCNA exam and guess what....he got through and not only that...but he got 987 /1000!!!! Isn't that awesome!!

“Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.”

I love people who earn things by struggle and not by recommendations or bribe !!!

Many Many Congratulations my dear...its your day and hence your way now on ;) ...I want you to touch the sky and rise high just like this tower...:D

“The effect of liberty to individuals is that they may do what they please: we ought to see what it will please them to do, before we risk congratulations.” ~ Edmond Burke


Nagu said…
congrats to ur cousin.987 is simply great.
Gumnaaaam said…
MashAllah...Badhai ho ji ...
KL said…
Congratulation to your cousin :)
Manish said…
Bravo wonderful score! Humari taraf se badhai.
aur holi ki dher sari shubhkaamnayein:)
Keshi said…
WOW congratts Cuz!

nagu: Thank you so much is indeed...and he is such a down to earth person...hence I extend all my love n support :)

gumnaaaam: Shukriya dost:D...


kl: Thanks dear..:)

manish: Thank U manish BABU :D & Holi mubarak aapko bhi :)


keshi: Thnx on behalf of cuz ;)

PuNeEt said…
many congrats to ur cousin :-)
puneet: Thank you so much dear...

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