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Milind Date on Korean Arirang TV Channel...Date blends and Incorporates Indian Music and techniques with styles from other countries and genres, including Korean music...:) Posted by Hello


KL said…
I need to listen to his music. Hope those will be available on musicindiaonline.
Dear chk the links on my blog - fusion music...gud luck ;)
Gumnaaaam said…
I saw some snaps of milind date on the recommended site - so how much am i supose to pay ? ;):D
Bombayite said…
Entha ivide Aarum Onnum Mindaathe? Activity theere poraaa..
Mirzaghalib said…
Dawn your friend is awesome...I have heard his raagas Bhopali and others they are awesome...have to say it again wish I could play flute. Good Luck Milind.
Abdus Samad said…
Korean music!Wao!
Link jaldi jaldi bhejiye...

Milind bhai mubarak ho!
Thanks to all on behalf of my friend Milind...am sure he is all happy to get your blessings and good wishes..:)


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