A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

Yes....the time has come for which I was desperately waiting :D...I have no worries from work ...no deliverables..ohhh can't believe no more meetings ....no more changes and updates...wooowwww!!!!! Believe me friends it's a great relief to know that there is no pressure :) I am so glad that I am on my vacation...:) just like the cat above..but my suitcases are all well packed and I am about to go with my music and books....:D right this moment I remember this song..."dil hey mera deewana ...yaaron mein to chali" ;) hehe....friends as excited I am about heading on to my journey....but a slight sadness is there, that I won't be able to be here reading and writing blogs of mnine & my friends....so not to worry ...you must understand ...after all the trouble of 18 hours journey I am going to reach my destination...so...please do miss me ;) as I will be :)
"A beginning is only the start of a journey to another beginning.";) Posted by Hello


Dave said…
Have a fabulous (and safe) trip, Dawn... filled with refreshment & renewal... and come back with all kinds of stories for your blog.

So, I leave you with this inspirational saying by Earl MacRauch: "Remember, wherever you go, there you are."

Ha! And you thought it would be inspiring. ;)

You will be missed!
KL said…
Yeah, I'm going to miss my most devout reader :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(.....what am I going to do without you for the next 2/3 months???? Hmmm...am I sounding like your bf/hubby ;);)?? Lol...:):):)....

Have a nice time.
So sweet of u Dave :D ...your comments inspire me ...so there u go..:) and yes...I will be blogging from there...only am not sure of is if I would be so frequent but...am so looking forward for stories :D
Thanks Dave..we will be in touch blogging :)

kl: aaah u make me emotional..n senti ...but am gonna spend time whenever am on net...reading the blogs and of course stories for my blog too ;) U will visit me ..won't u?
thnx love !
sophie said…
happy journey...miss u a lot dear...18 h
PuNeEt said…
have a great trip... BTW whr r u upto, hve fun enjoy... being on vacation is heaven...
have a safe n pleasant journey.. wl have to wait long for ur comments on my blog ;-) cheers
Mirzaghalib said…
Dawn, have a safe and pleasant trip. Have fun and enjoy the holidays...if you happen to go to the beaches of Goa please have a dip for me ;) its been ages. Chai naheen bhoolna ;)
Gumnaaaam said…
Atlast tht time have reached for which u were waiting since long,isint it ;)

India is an amazing place for vacations so am sure u'll enjoy the most there ,but do take care of ur self as u see the weather wont be the same as u have in Toronto ;) infact comparatively it wuld be too hot, par kuch bhi ho hum aapki india ki trip ko laykar buhaat khush hain kyn k is say kamzkaam hamaray bech ziada time diff tou nahi hoga ;) :)
Manish said…
Swagat hai aapka DON!Hum badi hi Garmjoshi se yahan aapke aane ka intezaar kar rahe hain. Wish u a happy home coming aur jis maqsad se aap aa rahi hain aap us mein poori terah kaamyab hon:)
IshaGill said…
jao jao ji jao Journy
khariat say jao or saath khariat wapis ao,pehlay gae thi tu khitaaaaab dia tha International Lady,Hmmmmm ab pher sochna paray ga
okay,wish you good luck,enjoy your trip

or Manish ji buhat buhat khayal rakhna hay aap nay Miss Dawn ka okaaaaaay,warnaaaaaaa
Mirzaghalib said…
Yaani Maqsad bole to.....Manish Ji ;-)
Manish said…
Isha bilkul nishchint rahein Miss DON jab yahan land karengi na to ek achchi khasi security cordon rahega unki hifazat ke liye!:)

Waise bhi ek raj ki baat bataoon DON ke mumbai ke connection bade hi zabardast hain

Are MIRZA saheb DON movie nahin dekhi kya! MAQSAD bata diya to phir aur kuch batane layak DON chodengi kya he he ha ha :)
Dave said…
Hi Dawn -- I don't know when you'll be reading this, but I just noticed your main statement about yourself (about living from the inside out, etc.), and since it fits PERFECTLY with my blog entry for yesterday (June 4), I added your quote and included a hyperlink back to your blog. I hope you don't mind! (If you want me to remove the link or quote, just let me know.) I hope you're having a great time away!!!
Thanks Dave :)..why would I feel bad about it..well u advertised abt my blog by providing the link ;)
take care...I will be back shortly :D lot to write ...

guys...am fine :D
Mirzaghalib said…
So glad to hear that you are there safely and happily. Take good care of urself and enjoy every single moment :)
IshaGill said…
really You have reached India with safe and sound Thank God
ok take care yourself ,enjoy your trip so sweetly okay
Allah Hafiz

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