Let loose of what you can't control. Serenity will be yours

Don't fill your time with worry - fix what you can and let the rest take care of itself

Aah!! that's what I was told today...and it gave me so much peace and relaxation!

Sometimes we take too much upon us thinking it belongs to us :)....but many times unknowingly we take it for granted that we are responsible for everything...its all because.... am a sports person ;)....the Team player...:) But I love it ...coz... if not me my team member will take care of things ;)...for a change again I had a laughing day....these couple of days...I was so busy learning & at the same time running the show....!! Today ...am so happy...that words can't do justice :)

Continuity of thought upon one single thing and the suppression of every source of distraction multiply in an extraordinary way -the value of time :)
My lunch was excellent after a long time ;) .. so what I say is...

Treasure this Moment. Be Here Now!
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Unaiza Nasim said…
hey i wish u always live contendedly:)
Tast wat im going on for last two days..just a phase of uncertainity..thinking toomuch, knowing thta my thinking wont help but just cant help it!
Please do pray for me!
Bombayite said…
lunch se yaad aaya .......
I juss had a thali.....5 puris, pulao, dal, aloo sabji, chana masala, moong bhaji :))
ekdum fullto pet bhar gaya :))
adipoli :))
KL said…
Good for you :):). So, what did you have for lunch?
Mirzaghalib said…
I love that Team Player concept.
Team= Together Everyone Achieve More.
So glad to see you're happy. Waise bhi yeh zindagi hansne ke liye kaafi naheen...phir kyoon usey yun rokar ya fikr se guzara jaye ;-)
...waise lunch mein kiya tha :P :P
unaiza nasim: dear all my prayers for u :) ..and thnx a bunch for those wishes..it always touches the heart of the person! Take it easy..sometimes we have to remind ourselves..;)

bombayite: so many times I told u not to give so many details which we cannot even reach...grrr dont worry i will have them all once iam there :P

kl: hahaha...hahaha I cant stop laughing at ur Q...darling I had roti n chicken tikka masala ;)..but it ws the company lol

mirzaghalib: pls read the above answer ;) thnx
waise hum to hamesha haste hee rehate hein aisa arop laga hey humein :p
Mirzaghalib said…
Hahahaha...koi ilzaam naheen hai yaar.....just a thought yaar....;-)
LEMNA said…
Lunch:D:D:DI will have it in some minutes:D:D:DI made myself today:Dcooooool one my palll...
Gumnaaaam said…
ehh i reached a bit late here :( but u knw wht hahhahaha when i finished reading this post the only question in my mind was wht did u have for lunch :D ;)
lemna: welcome to my blog!! but u make me hungry now :D

gumnaaaam: hehe...u r funny!!!

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